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40,000 families at landslide risk due to heavy rain

Mohammed Ali, Bandarban
Three days of continuous heavy rains have raised the risk of landslides in Bandarban. Along with that, about 40 thousand families are living at risk at the foot of the hill in 7 upazilas.
According to Sarzmin, Kalaghata, Kasempara, Islampur, Banrupapara, Hafezghona, bus station area, stadium area, Noapara, Kasaipara of Sadar Upazila of Bandarban; Hostelpara of Ruma Upazila, Roninpara; Harinmara, Islampur, Ghazalia, Muslimpara, Chairmanpara, Harinjiridi, T&T area, Sarai, Rupsipara of Lama Upazila; More than 40,000 families are living unplanned at the foothills of seven upazilas including Uttarpara, Baishphandi, Amtali, Reju, Tumbru, Hedmanpara, Dauchhari, Baishari of Naikshyongchari upazila. Families are at risk due to landslides due to continuous rain.
On the other hand, due to heavy rains, bus and truck traffic has stopped due to landslides between Dhalian Para and 12th mile of the main road on the Bandarban-Ruma road. Locals moved small vehicles as a result of earth moving.
Meanwhile, due to continuous rain for three consecutive days, the water level of Sangu River is gradually increasing in the hill slopes coming down from the upstream. As a result, the houses on the banks of the river were submerged in water.
Nurul Alam, who lives at the foot of the hill in Balaghata Fajr Ali Para area of Bandarban Municipality, said, “I bought land from the hill at a low price due to lack of money. Knowing that there is a risk, I live with my family by leveling a little place under the mountain.
Residents living at the foot of the hill in Islampur said that they have no other recourse except this house. So, they are forced to live here.
Mahabubul Islam, Chief Scientific Officer of Bandarban Soil and Water Conservation Center said Daily Industry, “As a result of excessive cutting of mountains, the top layer of the soil in the mountains moves and the soft part inside comes out. As a result, cracks are formed in the mountains through erosion. In this situation, due to heavy rainfall in the monsoon, water entered the cracks of the mountain and the mountain collapsed.
Mayor of Bandarban Municipality Shamsul Islam said that due to continuous rain for a few days, there is a danger of landslides and flooding of low areas. We are on alert to deal with this situation. 19 shelters have been opened in municipal areas. Provision of dry food has been made for those who will come to the shelter. Mikeing is being done in the city since yesterday to leave the dangerous settlements and move to safe shelters.
Bandarban Deputy Commissioner Shah Mojahid Uddin said, ‘All preparations have been made to deal with the disaster. 207 schools have been prepared as shelters in 7 upazilas. Instructions have already been given to the Executive Magistrate and UNO of each Upazila to evacuate all the residents who are at risk of landslides to safe places.
According to the information of the administration and public representatives, 3 people died in Bandarban district in 2006 in the district headquarters, 10 people including children died in Lama upazila in 2009, 5 people died in Naikxyongchari upazila in 2010, 2 people died in Rowangchari upazila in 2011, Lama upazila in 2012. 28 people died in Faitong area and 10 people died in Naikxyongchari upazila, 2 people died in Kalaghata in Sadar in 2013, 4 people died in Sadar in 2014, 3 people died in Banrupara in district headquarters in 2015, 6 people died in Hospital Para in Lama upazila. In 2017, 6 people including children died in the district town and in 2018, 3 people died in Naikshyongchari and 4 people including three from the same family in Sarai Union of Lama upazila, lastly in 2024, a farmer died in a landslide in Naikshyongchari last week.

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