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Bangladesh targets 41pc investment growth by 2030

Zarif Mahmud: There has been stagnation in investment in the country for the past few years. Private investment in particular is not slowing down. According to the Ninth Five Year Plan, investment as a proportion of GDP is targeted at 41 percent by 2031 and 46.9 percent by 2041.
According to the data, the share of investment as a proportion of gross domestic product (GDP) has fluctuated between 31 and 32 percent over the past five years. And the share of private investment is between 23 and 24 percent.
For this, it is necessary to ensure the necessary investment environment, it will be said in the new plan. Entrepreneurs have been demanding uninterrupted gas and electricity for a long time to attract private investment. At present, 12 to 14 thousand megawatts of electricity is produced daily in the country. The Ninth Five Year Plan has set a target of 30,000 MW per day by 2030 and 40,000 MW by 2041.
The Ninth Five Year Plan recommends reforming the financial sector, especially banks and stock markets, for investment. In the background of this plan, attracting private investment depends on the health of the banking sector. For that, it has been suggested to increase the supervision and monitoring of the banking sector. Apart from this, it is suggested to strengthen the stock market as a source of investment in the background.
Recently, the officials of the planning ministry held a meeting with the secretaries of various ministries on the background of the ninth five-year plan. In this, the secretaries advised to give the most importance to the education and health sector in the ninth five-year plan. Apart from this, instead of constructing various infrastructures including roads, highways, bridges, they have given their opinion in favor of constructing them according to the need.

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