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Corruption-money laundering the silent killer of economy

Enayet Karim: Corruption is always more or less a topic of discussion in the country. Corruption and money laundering are the most talked about topics in recent times. Unfortunately, and disappointingly for the citizens of the country, the focus of this discussion is the massive corruption, money laundering and irregularities of several important top officials of the republic. In this, the image of the country is being undermined, and the governance of the ruling party is being questioned in many ways. The government is naturally embarrassed. The storm of this discussion has now reached the highest place of the country i.e. the National Parliament from the media, social media and the mouths of common people. In such a situation, the Prime Minister of the country once again warned of his strict stance against corruption.
There is no doubt that it reflects the views of all citizens. She said about the corrupt people, we have started an operation against corruption. No one is safe from corruption. Whoever commits corruption, we will catch them.
This position of the Prime Minister undoubtedly gives us hope. But we know about such strong stance of the head of government many times in the past against corruption. The zero-tolerance policy of his government in this regard including the Prime Minister is not unknown to anyone. It is a matter of great pain that whenever any major corruption or irregularity is discussed in the country, the political, cultural arena and the media are seen to be very hot about it for some time. Conscious intellectuals are vocal.

Various steps are assured by the rulers. The injury to the opposition political parties is also noticeable. But in our eventful country, that discussion and activity is lost in any new incident. The matter of exemplary punishment of the corrupt goes behind the scenes. Most of the time, they flee abroad or are allowed to flee; Or even in the country, whether it is through the loopholes of the law or under the umbrella of the powerful, there is very little precedent for taking any special action against them.
Due to these reasons, today’s reality of corruption in the country, there is no way to deny it. The ruling party has been running the country for a total of five times including four consecutive times through the victory of the last 12th National Assembly elections. At this time, the country’s development progress is unprecedented. Apart from infrastructural development, the country has progressed in various social and economic indicators. Elevated from developing to middle income countries. Bangabandhu’s leadership has reached the international arena beyond the boundaries of the country. Sheikh Hasina’s name was mentioned along with world leaders.
So far these have received international recognition at various times. These are the glory for all of us as a nation. But with so many achievements in curbing corruption, this poor state is completely incompatible. It is not possible to stop the corruption of the corrupt in any way. This is very sad and ominous for the future of Bangladesh. Because if the roots of corruption cannot be uprooted, the progress of the country will be disrupted and it will be impossible to achieve the various goals of the current government in building the Bangladesh of the future. This will affect the people of the country.
Again, applaud the Prime Minister’s goodwill and warning against corruption. At the same time, in order to build the Liberation War and Bangabandhu’s Golden Bangla, it is necessary not only to warn, but to strictly implement it. We want corruption-free Bangladesh to occupy a seat of dignity in the world.

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