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Govt to spend Tk 1 tr from ADP in just 3 days

Financial year to end on June 31

Mahfuja Mukul: Only 3 days left for the end of the current (2023-24) financial year. Half of the Annual Development Program (ADP) has been implemented in the 11.5 month of the financial year i.e. till June 20. At this time, ADP implementation has been 60.05 percent. Which is the lowest in four years.
About Tk 1 lakh 46 thousand 375 crore has been spent for the implementation of ADP in 11.5 months of this year. However, this financial year the total allocation is Tk 2 lakh 54 thousand 391 crores. As a result, the target of spending in one month (current June) is Tk 1 lakh 8 thousand 16 crores.
The implementation rate of the revised ADP was 61.73 percent during the same period of FY 2022-23. In the previous fiscal year (2021-22), the rate was 64.84 percent. Besides, 58.36 percent of ADP was implemented during the same period of fiscal year 2020-21.
On Wednesday (June 26), the Ministry of Planning’s Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Department (IMED) released an update report on ADP implementation. This information comes out in the report.
According to IMED, Anti-Corruption Commission is leading in the implementation of ADP at the time of discussion, the implementation rate is 96.85 percent. The Election Commission is lagging behind in the implementation of ADP, the implementation is only 30.3 percent in 11 months. Out of the allocation of Tk 600.91 crore, the EC has spent only Tk 180 crore during this period.
The implementation of the Revised Annual Development Program (RADP) for the current financial year is in abeyance. Although various initiatives of the government have been talked about to speed up the implementation of ADP, there has not been much progress in the implementation. Due to slow implementation of projects, the RADP implementation rate in the 11th month of the fiscal year stood at only 57.54 percent, which is four percentage points less than the previous fiscal year. But there is only one month left for the end of the financial year. Remaining 43.46 percent of ADP has to be implemented within this period.
Such a picture has emerged in the progress report of the 11-month ADP implementation of the 2023-24 financial year by the Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation Department (IMED) of the Ministry of Planning. IMED released the report yesterday. According to the report, most of the ministries are not able to meet their desired targets except for a few ministries as per the allocation.
According to Planning Commission sources, Tk 2 lakh 54 thousand 391 crores have been allocated against 1,647 projects in RADP of the current financial year. In the first 11.5 months, Tk 1 lakh 46 thousand 375 crore 50 lakh has been spent against these projects under the supervision of 58 ministries and departments, which is 57.54 percent of the allocation.
Reviewing the picture of ADP implementation in 11 months, it has been found that except during the Corona period, there has never been such a low ADP implementation as in the current financial year. The lowest ADP implementation in 20 years was in 2019-20 and 2020-21. In the same fiscal year, the implementation rate was 57.37 percent. And in the fiscal year 2020-21, it was 58.36 percent, which is almost one percent more than the current fiscal year. ADP implementation rate never fell below 60 percent in 11 months of the financial year. Even in the last financial year, the implementation rate was 61.73 percent.
Meanwhile, the overall ADP implementation rate has been less implemented in the month of May of the current financial year than last time. According to the information, Tk 21,059.82 crore has been spent on implementation of ADP in the month of May alone. That is, the implementation rate at this time is 8.28 percent. In the month of May of 2022-23 fiscal year, the expenditure is Tk 26,957.51 crore, which is 11.40 percent of the allocation. That is, the implementation as of the month has been less than three percent.
Analysis of IMED data showed that health, education, environment, financial institutions, statistics and public works commissions are lagging behind in the implementation rate. Apart from this, other ministries and departments are also lagging behind the desired targets. Health Care Department has implemented 43.03 percent and Health Education and Family Welfare Department has implemented 47.37 percent. Technical and Madrasa Education Department has implemented 45.76 percent ADP.
Apart from this, seven ministries and departments could not implement even 40 percent of ADP in 11.5 months. Statistics and Information Management Department implemented the least ADP, 27.07 percent. Financial Institutions Department has done 28.48 percent, Election Commission Secretariat 30.03 percent, Bangladesh Public Works Commission 32.96 percent, Environment and Climate Ministry 33.72 percent and Internal Resources Department 34.76 percent have implemented ADP.
The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has implemented the highest number of ADPs in the current financial year. The organization has implemented 96.85 percent of the total allocation in 11 months. Apart from this, Energy and Mineral Resources Department 92.14, Information and Communication Technology Department 87.47 percent, Economic Relations Department 79.06 percent, Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Department 76.75 percent and Security and Service Department 73.09 percent have implemented ADP.
In terms of percentage, the local government department is ahead in terms of money consumption. The allocation against 263 projects of the department was Tk 42,956.71 crore. Tk 23,762.26 crore has been spent in 10 months, which is 55.03 percent. The second place is the power department, which has spent Tk 20,762 crore 26 lakh, which is 68.29 percent of the total allocation.

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