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Lift inactive, patient walked to 9th floor in Faridpur Medical

Faridpur Correspondent: Faridpur Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical College Hospital’s 9-storey new building has only two lifts out of five. Another one shuts down when the power goes out. Meanwhile, even if there is only one staircase, it gets crowded because it is narrow. In this situation, due to the crowd, many patients have to walk up to nine floors of stairs to get medical care. Patients and their relatives are suffering.

It has been found that many people from several districts including Faridpur, Rajbari, Magura, Madaripur and Gopalganj come to the hospital daily for medical treatment. Originally known as a 250-bed hospital, it currently has 500 beds. But it is alleged that many patients and their relatives suffered due to lack of lift in the 9-storey building. A total of five lifts have been installed in the building but two are operational. One of these is again off when there is no power. In this condition, only one lift and stairs have to be used.

At 2 o’clock on Monday yesterday, it was seen on the ground that there was a huge crowd in front of an elevator of the building. Some are laying the patient on the trolley, some are waiting for the lift with the bag in hand. Some people are going up and down the stairs without looking at the other way around. But because the stairs are narrow, there is a crowd there too. At this time, the patient’s relatives are seen expressing their anger about suffering.

Suman Howladar of Madaripur has been staying in the hospital for two months for the post-surgery treatment of his sister. He said, “Since I came here, I saw three elevators in operation. But after a few days one of the elevators stopped. Today, it appears, there is one underway. In this one lift, patients, food trolleys and hospital supplies are taken. People are not getting a chance to rise.

Suman said, ‘Sick people come to the hospital, they can’t climb the stairs. Stairs can be climbed up to two or three floors, but people have to struggle to climb up. As the elevator is closed, people are pushing up and down the stairs.

Going to the fifth floor of the hospital, it can be seen that the relatives are waiting in front of the elevator with three patients lying on the trolley. At this time, it is seen that the patient is picked up by lowering others. A person named Habibullah started to express his anger. He came from Joydevpur village of Alfadanga upazila of the district for the treatment of a 5-year-old child.

Habibullah said, “Because there is no lift, there is a lot of problem in movement. We have to wait from 10 minutes to half an hour with seriously ill patients.

Deepak Kumar Biswas, deputy director of the hospital, told, “We are also suffering with the elevator problem. We have also sent a letter to Public Works regarding this matter. They said that due to lack of sufficient funds, the work of the lift is not possible.

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