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Bangladesh - August 4, 2021

Mushroom growth of IP TVs causes social threat

HC expressed concern

Golam Mostafa Jibon:Mushroom growth of illegal IP TV (Internet Protocol Television) is posing serious threat to the society due to lack of proper monitoring by the authorities concerned.
Meanwhile, the High Court yesterday expressed utter dissatisfaction at the state of journalism, wondering “what’s happening in the name of journalism”.
How many channels have been opened in the name of IPTV? What’s happening in the name of journalism?” the HC bench of Justice M Enayetur Rahim questioned yesterday, while the matter of a female named Helena Jahangir, who reportedly operated an IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) channel and fraud many people, came to focus.
The HC expressed dissatisfaction, while hearing a case yesterday over false reports published by some newspapers.
It is learnt that, IP TV is not a television channel, but also an online technology. The demand for this IP TV is increasing all over the country including the capital due to easy access in the internet technologies.
In the name of appointing correspondents at district, upazila, union and even village level, a section of unscrupulous people are selling identity cards and embezzling lakhs of Taka from the appointment seekers. They are blackmailing public, private offices or organizations and individuals regularly. The fraud of this so-called TV is increasing all over the country. Meanwhile, hundreds of illegal IP TV channels are running in Dhaka, Chattogram, Khulna, Sylhet,Rajshahi, Rangpur, Noakhali, Cumilla, Barishal, Gopalganj and other divisional and district towns, sources said.
The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has ordered to close the illegal IP TV channels, but to no effect. Last year, the government approved the online portals of 92 dailies for registration in the first phase. The Ministry of Information has selected 34 online news portals for registration.
The Ministry of Information has requested the online portals to register by paying the prescribed fee following the government regulations. But, most of the owners are struggling to run these online media due to high expenditures.
Minister of Information and Broadcasting Hasan Mahmud said, “Action will be taken against these unregulated TVs. Some IP TVs spread rumors and untrue information. Information Ministry and relevant officials will conduct drives in the field to nab them. A letter issued by the Ministry of Information asked to take action to shut down these TV channels on an emergency basis.
It is learned that, BTRC, also the regulator, has allowed 61 companies to provide IP TV services for internet-based video broadcasting. A draft has already been prepared for commercially operating IP TVs in the country. However, the ministry has not yet given final approval.
The BTRC letter said, IP TV is not a television channel, but it is a technology.
The newspaper is called the fourth pillar of the state. This fourth pillar is now in trouble for the so-called illegal journalists. Unauthorized IP TV, online TV or so-called online portals have caused damage to newspapers. A section of extortionists, who become journalists suddenly with the cards of some organizations, are tarnishing the images of journalism profession. Starting from the capital, IP TV has also been developed at different district and upazila levels. These so-called television channels were opened for recruitment and ID card distribution trade. The extortionists with the names of journalists were left on the streets with the cards. Consequently, the real journalists have to face various problems due to their power. Controversial woman Helena Jahangir, who was recently expelled from the Awami League sub-committee, came up for discussion on the issue of illegal IP TV after she was arrested by RAB. Demands have been raised to take action against other so-called IP TVs.
There are allegations that fake journalists are constantly running their affairs day and night. Every day, these fake journalists are seen in the national press club or in various banks, health department and other government institutions. As a result, the genuine journalists are in trouble. Ordinary people do not have time to check, who is real or fake. Occasionally, fake journalists, source journalists and fraudulent journalists were arrested by the law enforcers. Yet the fake journalists do not stop. Starting their day with extortion, they appear in various programs with boom or camera like journalists. There is no way to know, who is fake and who is real.
The so-called news portals grown like facebookor a social media platform have emerged in a terrifying manner. Social media-centric news portals have become a nightmare for everyone. Hundreds of illegal IP TV channels are running in Dhaka, Chattogram, Khulna, Sylhet,Rajshahi, Rangpur, Noakhali, Cumilla, Barishal, Gopalganj and other divisional and district towns, despite repeated directives from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to shut down the unauthorized IP TV channels.
These channels mainly broadcast Bengali pictures and pornographic advertisements. These TV channels are taking crores of Taka from advertisements through illegal broadcasting. Pornographic advertisements of sex stimulating drugs are being aired on multiple cable networks by imitating the logos of several Indian TV channels. BTRC and Display: Only ISPs licensed by BTRC will be able to reach the subscriber level through IPTV internet connection subject to conditions with the permission of the SS Department of the Commission.
The Minister of Information and Broadcasting Hassan Mahmud said, “The ministry had invited applications for registration from IP TVs. About 500 applications have been submitted and we have sorted them out. Registration will be given to those, whose quality is good.”
Replying to a question about Helena Jahangir, also the operator of so-called Jayayatra IPTV, the Information Minister said,”Action would be taken against her after investigation.”

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