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Tougher actions against fake freedom fighters

Over 8000 fake FFs took privilege

Mahfuja Mukul: Those who have taken government allowances by presenting ‘fake’ freedom fighter certificates, will be refunded with interest.
It has also been announced to take action against them according to the existing law. Recently, such a decision was taken in the meeting of the Standing Committee on Ministry of Liberation War in the National Parliament. Besides, a lot of discussions were held in the meeting about increasing more facilities for the brave freedom fighters.
Responding to the call of the Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the innocent Bengali jumped on the enemy with unarmed hands in 1971 when the country became independent. The common people of Bengal were brutally killed and tortured with the help of Pakistan’s allies. However, the protesting Bengalis achieved the freedom they wanted after only nine months of effort and at the cost of three million blood. But after the independence of the country, the independence-loving children of Surya spent their days in neglect and starvation. No government could even list the correct freedom fighters.
Later, Awami League, the party that led the liberation war, came to power and introduced allowances with a list of heroic freedom fighters. But the ‘fake’ freedom fighters entered the list made by the Awami League government. The Ministry of Liberation War Affairs removed the fake freedom fighters from the list after further scrutiny. This time, the government is going to take action against about eight thousand ‘fake’ freedom fighters who were left out of the list.
On June 12, a meeting of the Standing Committee on the Ministry of Liberation War was held in the National Parliament. In the meeting, there was a wide discussion about taking measures against ‘fake’ freedom fighters and extending more facilities to the brave freedom fighters. Besides, the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs is recommended to take effective measures in these matters.
The meeting was chaired by Major (Retd.) Rafiqul Islam, Bir Uttam. The members of the committee were Minister of Liberation War A K M Mozammel Haque, Mofazzal Hossain Chowdhury Maya, Golam Dastgir Gazi, Abdul Latif Siddiqui and Begum Mahfuza Sultana. Senior officials including the secretary of the ministry were also present in the meeting. In the meeting of the standing committee, the members of the committee along with the president want to know about various issues from the minister and officials of the ministry.
Regarding ‘fake’ freedom fighters, the secretary of the ministry, Israt Chowdhury, told the committee that eight thousand ‘fake’ freedom fighters have already been canceled from the ministry. The allowances they have taken in previous days will be recovered with interest. Apart from this, if legal action is taken against the ‘fake’ freedom fighters, a case will have to be filed under the existing law, he said.
The secretary also said that a project proposal has been sent to the Planning Commission to install one capsule lift in the Muktijoddha complex built in each upazila as a necessary addition to the Muktijoddha complex. The project is awaiting approval.
Kamrun Nahar, Additional Secretary (Planning) of the Ministry of Liberation War, said that 436 out of a total of 446 freedom fighter complexes have been constructed in each upazila. The remaining 10 cannot be constructed due to lack of space. He informed the committee that they will be constructed if the land is available later.
Bangladesh Freedom Fighters Welfare Trust Managing Director (MD) SM Mahabubur Rahman handed over a detailed report to the committee about the establishment period of Bangladesh Freedom Fighters Welfare Trust and the condition of land and facilities of the trust, total assets, head office of the trust etc. He then informed the committee about the annual income and expenditure account of Bangladesh Freedom Fighters Welfare Trust in the light of the working papers.
A lot of Kalyan Trust land has been recovered and 60 projects are in progress. As a result, the trust is getting a profit of Tk 50 crore to Tk 60 crore annually, he said.
Golam Dastgir Gazi, member of the committee and Narayanganj-1 Constituency MP Golam Dastgir Gazi, said that two brave freedom fighters died in my area a few days ago. In this way all freedom fighters will die. I will die too. So, I want to see a good work before I die. Elderly freedom fighters are unable to rise above. So, I request to provide lift as soon as possible.
He also said that during the liberation war, the ‘crack platoon’ conducted 70 operations in Dhaka city. Their role and history in the liberation war is extensive. In the first meeting of the committee, it was decided to make a ‘memorial’ or ‘movie’/’documentary’ related to ‘crack platoon’ in Dhaka with government funding. I hope that the Ministry of Liberation War will take such an initiative through the Ministry of Information even if it gives money in this case.
Another member of the committee and Chandpur-2 Constituency MP Mofazzal Hossain Chowdhury Maya said that where it is difficult for the elderly freedom fighters to climb to the second floor of the complex, it was not appropriate to keep the upper floor for them. In this case, in this case, I would like to discuss with the Honorable Prime Minister to arrange for the addition of one capsule lift as soon as possible.
Regarding the ‘fake’ freedom fighter certificate and ‘crack platoon’, he said, “I call on those who have taken fake certificates to be brought under the law and punished. I support the proposal made by Hon’ble member Golam Dastgir Ghazi to make a ‘memorial’ or ‘film/documentary’ on ‘crack platoon’.” Apart from this, he gave his opinion in favor of completing the election of the National Freedom Fighters Assembly in each upazila.
Begum Mahfuza Sultana, MP and committee member of the reserved women’s seat, said that the number of fake freedom fighter certificates is highest in Akkelpur Upazila of Joypurhat district in my constituency. Many people are still taking fake freedom fighter certificates. I request the ministry to look into how they are taking this certificate. Apart from this, although the heroic women who participated in the liberation war are in the history, the ordinary and innocent mothers and sisters who fought during the liberation war are not in the history. So, he urged to make a list of all those women.
The MP from the reserved seat also said that it is very difficult to live in the current situation with the Tk 20,000 honorarium given to the helpless freedom fighters in the remote areas of my area. Therefore, he recommended to increase the honorarium of freedom fighters.
Abdul Latif Siddiqui, Member of Parliament and Committee Member of Tangail-4 Constituency, said that capsule lifts are being repeatedly asked in every meeting to provide capsule lifts to the complexes built in the upazila. But it is not being implemented. This is very sad. He requested to discuss the matter with the honorable Prime Minister and take immediate action.
Regarding the honorarium of freedom fighters, he said, there are three categories of freedom fighters in my constituency. One class is very rich, even if they don’t have this allowance. Another class is the middle class, they too. The condition of those who are in the third class is very bad. It is really difficult to live with this small allowance in the current situation. Therefore, he urged the ministry to review whether the honorarium can be divided according to class/type or not.
Regarding the production of the film ‘Operation Jackpot’ based on the liberation war, committee member and minister AKM Mozammel Haque said that on April 29, a meeting was held with the chairman of the committee along with other members and surviving naval commandos. According to the guidelines of the meeting, the production of documentary/film based on accurate history has been called for. In that light, the work of making the documentary is going on.
Regarding the preservation of documents in the freedom fighter complex, he said, several upazilas have already provided necessary furniture for the preservation of the documents/documents of the freedom fighter complex. Instructions are also given for the rest to be supplied properly. The minister informed the committee about the achievements, ongoing activities etc. of the National Freedom Fighters Congress in each upazila. Apart from this, the minister also said that the names of freedom fighters as National Freedom Fighters Council, war wounded freedom fighters, Mujibnagar government employees, women freedom fighters (Virangana) have been recommended to the government for inclusion in the gazette.
In the meeting, Mozammel Haque discussed in detail about the projects of simplification of service system, establishment of Mujib corner cum library, implementation of Bangabandhu’s ideology and spirit of liberation war. Apart from this, among the ongoing activities, he informed the committee members about 13 research programs on the background of the great liberation war from the language movement of 1952 to August 15, 1975, the liberation war and Bangabandhu’s role in these matters, Bangabandhu’s outstanding contribution to the governance of the country, etc. He presented detailed information about 13 research titles, names of contracted research institutes and team leaders in the meeting.

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