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Bangladesh - June 13, 2024

Yunus case may hinder investment in Bangladesh: US

Diplomatic Correspondent: Nobel laureate economist Dr. Muhammad Yunus concerned about the trial to United States has warned Bangladesh about foreign investment. The United States has warned that if the law is misused against Dr Yunus, Bangladesh’s rule of law will be questioned and foreign direct investment will be hindered.
The chief spokesman of the US State Department, Matthew Miller, gave this warning at a regular briefing recently.

Incidentally, during the hearing of charges in the ACC money embezzlement case, on June 2, Dr. Yunusstood in an iron cage in the courtroom.
In the regular briefing of the State Department, a journalist wants to know, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, the US Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal. Muhammad Yunus was entered into an iron cage in a courtroom in Bangladesh and Dr. Yunus said – Today I have reached the peak of the cursed life. Due to democracy, rule of law and rampant corruption, billions of people in Bangladesh have similarly reached the peak of their cursed lives.
We have seen US bans and visa disqualifications against former army and police chiefs. After the fraudulent election on January 7 last year, do you think these steps announced are enough to hold the ruling government accountable, or will you take more punitive steps to show solidarity with democracy-loving Bangladeshis?
In response, spokesman Miller said, the United States continues to closely monitor the events that are happening in Bangladesh around Yunus’ case. We are concerned because Dr. Yunus maybe harassedand maybe misuse of labor laws.
Reiterating the government’s warning, Miller said, “We are also concerned that imaginative misuse of labor and anti-corruption laws will call into question Bangladesh’s rule of law and deter foreign direct investment.” While the trial process is ongoing, we repeatedly call on the government of Bangladesh – Justice and transparency should be maintained in the trial of Dr. Yunus’ case.
Voice of America journalist Guita Arian asked US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller during a regular briefing in this regard. Guita Arian said, “Nobel-winning professor Dr. Muhammad Yunus was forced to stand in an iron cage in the courtroom yesterday. He mentions that he is going through the worst period of his damn life Similarly, thousands of Bangladeshi citizens are also going through the worst period of their cursed lives amid lack of democracy and rule of law and rampant corruption.”
Addressing Matthew Miller, he further said, “We have seen that you have imposed sanctions and visa bans against the former army chief and police chief of Bangladesh. Do you think these initiatives are enough to hold this ruling group accountable after the farcical elections held on January 7 this year? Or will you express solidarity with the democratic and democracy-loving people of Bangladesh and take stricter measures as promised earlier?”
In response, Miller said, “We closely monitoring the proceedings of the case brought against Yunus. We have expressed concern and informed. Dr. Yunus is being presented on the world stage as an example of Bangladesh’s misuse of labor laws as a tool of harassment and intimidation. We are concerned because the misuse of labor and anti-corruption laws is raising questions about the country’s overall rule of law situation, thereby discouraging foreign investment.”
He said, “We will continue to encourage the Bangladeshi government to ensure an impartial and transparent legal process as the appeal process against Dr. Yunus continues. But at the moment we are not thinking of taking any further action.”

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