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10 big projects ending in next financial year

ADP to be approved today

Farhad Chowdhury: The project titled ‘Purbachal New Town (Yusufganj)’ has been going on for 30 years. The period could not be completed even after repeated extensions. Finally, the project is coming to an end. It has been decided to complete the project in the next financial year. Apart from this, the government aims to complete 10 other mega projects in the fiscal year 2024-25. The projects have been listed for completion in the proposed ADP for the next financial year.
According to Planning Commission sources, adequate allocation is being given to complete a total of 289 projects in the proposed Annual Development Program (ADP) for the financial year 2024-25 as per the instructions of the Prime Minister. Among them, the number of major projects is 10. Meanwhile, 339 projects are scheduled to be completed in the current financial year, but 334 are being completed. It is reported that five projects are not being completed due to special reasons.
The Development Budget or ADP 2024-25 was finalized in an extended meeting of the Planning Commission recently, which is approved by the National Economic Council (NEC) meeting yesterday. NEC Chairperson Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina presided over it.
It has been reported that the ‘Purbachal New Town (Yusufganj)’ project was approved for implementation from July 1995 to June 2010. Later, the expenditure increased to Tk 6,448.61 crore. The period has been extended till June this year as it has been revised and extended several times.
Meanwhile, the single point mooring (SPM) project of the double pipeline in the deep sea, which has been going on for 10 years, is also ending in the next financial year. Approved in 2015 to meet the country’s growing demand for fuel oil and ensure energy security, the implementation of the project under implementation on the basis of GTU by Bangladesh and China is costing Tk 8,298.18 crore.
Apart from this, the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport expansion project under implementation at a cost of Tk 21,399.06 crore will be completed in the next financial year. A 100 feet wide canal excavation and development project will also be completed on both sides of Kuril Purbachal Link Road (from Kuril to Balu River) at a cost of Tk 10,329.66 crore.
Asharyan-2 project is finally coming to an end after the fifth revision. It costs Tk 8,799.65 crore. Purbachal New City (Yusufganj) project under implementation at a cost of Tk 6,448.51 crore is also in the list of completion. The Covid-19 Emergency Response and Pandemic Preparedness project will also end in the next financial year. The cost of this project is Tk 6,386.64 crore.
Apart from this, the upgradation project of Mongla Port costing Tk 6,014.62 crore has been kept in the completion list for the next financial year. Dhaka-Chittagong main power grid straining project costing Tk 4,722.05 crore. Construction of apartment building for low and middle income population (second revised) project in Uttara Sector 18 of Dhaka with a cost of Tk 4,567.35 crore and railway construction project from Khulna to Mongla Port with a cost of Tk 4,225.71 crore.

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