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Bangladesh - World wide - September 27, 2023

1000 more coming under US visa ban

Diplomatic Correspondent: As the parliamentary elections are approaching, the United States has begun the process of imposing visa bans on individuals, institutions and even the media responsible for obstructing democracy and the electoral process in Bangladesh. Ever since the announcement of the new visa ban, the United States has been keeping an eye on various developments in Bangladesh. The first phase of visa ban has already been announced. This time, the spokesperson of the US Embassy in Dhaka, Brian Shila, said, more restrictions are coming soon.
This visa restriction policy is known as ‘3C’. He commented that this ban can be given against whoever (anyone) is seen obstructing the election. Brian Shila told a media these things.
This spokesperson of the US Embassy in Dhaka mentioned the types of activities through which democratic elections can be obstructed. In cases such as vote fraud, voter intimidation, freedom of assembly and the exercise of the right to peaceful assembly by those who use violence; Apart from this, he spoke of measures to prevent political parties, voters and civil society, preventing the media from participating in the electoral process and expressing their views. At this time, he emphasized on the English word ‘anyone’.
Mentioning that we will not disclose the names and phone numbers of those who will come under the visa ban, he added that visa records are confidential under US law. The US State Department said in a statement that it would impose sanctions against whom.
This includes law enforcement agencies, leaders of ruling and opposition political parties, the judiciary, current and former government officials.
A source of US mission in Dhaka told Daily Industry that about 1000 more officials, businessmen, politicians, journalists, CSO activists, member of law enforcing agencies, members of parliament, ministers, lawyers and even bankers will come under the visa restrictions.

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