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Bangladesh - March 12, 2024

100,000 Bangladeshi workers don’t have work in Malaysia

Rabiul Haque : Around 100,000 Bangladeshi workers are currently unemployed while working in the Malaysian labor market. Many of them are mentally disturbed without getting work. There have even been cases of death. State Minister for Expatriate Welfare and Foreign Employment Shafiqur Rahman Chowdhury told that one of these workers named Shafiqul Islam has died. The government is trying to solve this problem through discussion.
According to the data of BMET (Bureau of Manpower Employment and Training), an office under the Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and Foreign Employment, more than 400,000 Bangladeshi workers went to work there after the reopening of the labor market in Malaysia in 2022. And in 2023, about 350,000 Bangladeshi workers left.
International human rights activist and immigration expert Andy Hall said on his website that more Bangladeshi workers are employed in Malaysia than employed. Due to which there are currently more than 100,000 Bangladeshi workers who are unemployed. Many of them are living a subhuman life. Malaysian NGOs are providing meals to these workers by collecting subscriptions. Many times, these Bangladeshi workers are forced to work. Due to these various reasons, there are various negative effects including mental anxiety among Bangladeshi workers. One of them, 33-year-old Shafiqul Islam, went to Malaysia for work six months ago. He decided to return to the country after being mentally broken without getting a job. For this, he also took permission from the High Commission. He died of a heart attack before finally returning to his home country. Illegal immigration process is working behind such pathetic situation of Bangladeshi workers in Malaysia. Where the agents of the two countries are getting involved in crimes like human trafficking to make their pockets heavier
Tipu Sultan, Joint Secretary General of Recruiting Agencies Association of Bangladesh (BAIRA), an organization that sends workers abroad told, “It is very sad that Bangladeshi workers cannot find work in Malaysia and the recent death of one person. Such an event is never desirable. The workers who went to Malaysia went there only after their visas were verified by the Bangladesh High Commission. Confirmation from the High Commission means that the High Commission has verified all the matters including the employers there. But the situation is different now, many people are said to be unemployed. In such a situation, the question has arisen, is the embassy fulfilling its 100% responsibility? For those who are not getting work in Malaysia, it is important for the embassy to take initiative to solve it. If necessary, the embassy can file a case under the labor law against the Malaysian companies that have taken the workers on the job.
When asked what action BARA is taking in this regard, BARA Joint Secretary General Tipu Sultan said, “We have not received any complaint yet.” If there is a complaint, we will take action. We have heard that many Bangladeshi workers are unemployed in Malaysia. But the exact number is not known.
Contacting High Commissioner of Bangladesh in Malaysia Shamim Ahsan and Labor Councilor Shariful Islam did not get any response. According to a source of Bangladesh High Commission, it is true that many Bangladeshis are not getting work in Malaysia. It is also true that many people have jobs. Mainly workers are coming from Bangladesh to Malaysia through the agents of the two countries. There is a problem with getting work because of agents on both sides. But this problem has reduced a lot now. There were too many in the middle.
State Minister for Expatriate Welfare and Foreign Employment Shafiqur Rahman Chowdhury said in light of time, “We are discussing with the concerned about why the workers from Bangladesh are not getting work in the labor market of Malaysia. I am communicating with everyone. I would like to resolve this issue through communication. I am trying to contact the embassy. I will ask our secretary to resolve this issue.
Malaysia suspended the recruitment of Bangladeshi workers in Malaysia in August 2018 due to various reasons including corruption. After several rounds of meetings between the two sides on this issue, Bangladesh-Malaysia signed a new memorandum of understanding on the recruitment of workers on December 19, 2021.

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