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Bangladesh - December 4, 2023

1,036 km border road to change economy of hills

Tk 3860 cr will be spent

Lokman Hossain, Khagrachari: In order to ensure regional security and prevent illegal border trade, the construction of 1,036 km is going on by cutting mountains on the border of three mountainous districts. Already 170 km border road construction has been completed. The road work has been completed. Next June 317 kmwork will be finished shortly.
The border road will play an important role in the massive changes in education, health, security, information technology, expansion of the tourism industry. And if it starts, the economy of the hills will change. There will be a positive impact on livelihoods and agriculture – such observers say.
On November 27, it was seen on the ground that a link road was connected to the border road through the side of the third largest peak, Keokradong. The border road work is going on there. First, the road is being made suitable by cutting the hill. An official involved in the related border road construction work said, it took three months to cut the mountain and build the road. Impassable mountains, difficult transportation system. There is no water and food. Carrying construction materials and equipment is very difficult. No mobile phone networks. During the rainy season, the hilly township becomes even more terrifying. The work of the border road is going on according to such reality.
Minrang Bom, a small entrepreneur in Munlai Para, Bandarban, said that he cultivates cashews and pineapples. Annual income is at least Tk 4lakh to Tk 5 lakhs. If his dream is a border road, the communication system will be good. In this he will sell his products directly to market place instead of giving them to middlemen.
If asked, the Secretary of the Ministry of Chittagong Hill Tracts Affairs Moshiur Rahman told Daily Industry that the opening of the border road will have a positive impact on the economy and lifestyle. The development of the communication system has an impact on the economy. Hilly areas which used to take three days to reach on foot, will now be reached in three hours with the opening of roads. Agricultural produce can be brought from remote hills to market. And security will be ensured. Because security is a prerequisite for improving communication systems. Smuggling is increasing due to lack of roads. They will not exist in the future.
It is known that there is no boundary, no barbed wire in the current border areas of Bandarban, Rangamati and Khagrachari. Only pillars are provided. There is freedom of movement here. Besides, the KNF wants to control seven upazilas near the border to prevent the implementation of the peace agreement. Attached to several upazilas of Mizoram. New army, BGB and police will work together for security on this border road. It will allow a lot of internal movement control. Border crossing will be much easier.
According to the planning department sources, the border road construction work started in 2019. It will cost Tk 3,860 crore. Out of this, revenue expenditure is Tk 122 crore, capital expenditure is Tk 3,690 crore, physical contingency expenditure is Tk 10.20 crore and price contingency expenditure is Tk 38 crore. However, out of capital expenditure, 221 culverts will be constructed on this border road, costing Tk 216 crore. The cost of construction of water drainage structure is estimated at Tk 560 crore. The cost of cutting unusable soil will be Tk 315 crore, the cost of construction of soil barriers on the side of the road will be Tk 374 crore, the cost of flexible pavement construction with HBB solder will be Tk 1,376 crore. And Tk 234 crores in retaining wall, tow-wall and best wall construction sector. This project is being implemented by 16, 20 and 26 Engineer Construction Battalions of 34 Engineer Construction Brigade of Bangladesh Army.
BandarbanPabartya District Superintendent of Police Saikat Shaheen told Daily Industry that if the border road is implemented, drug entry through the mountain border will be completely stopped. Because there will be police, army and BGB patrols. With these three forces guarded, drug smugglers and armed terrorists cannot enter.
Bandarban Tourist Superintendent of Police Sheikh Mohammad Manzoor Morshed said that Bandarban has the most potential for tourism among the three tourist districts. There are good quality resorts in many remote places. People from many countries of the world are coming. Now border road. If it is launched, more tourists will increase. All forces are working on this road. There will be no problem.
A kind of tide is running in the coastal areas in the current road construction. About 3,355 km in the current three regions. Paved roads have been constructed. The length of unpaved road is 6,334 km. 1,038 culverts and 1,190 bridges have been constructed. If a new border road is built, another thousand 36 km. The road will be added to this march.
This reporter talked to some businessmen of Bandarban Sadar about the border road. Small businessman Arun Dutta Enterprise owner Bilpab Barua told that he has been doing business for 20 years. During this time, small traders increased a lot. Tourists also come to this market. If there is a border road, communication will be better. Many remote areas have roads, which will connect to the border roads. This will further increase business.
Chairman of BandarbanPabartya Zilla Parishad Kyshaihala told that this road is definitely necessary to protect the border. Because China, Arakan and Mizoram are nearby. This will increase the number of tourists.

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