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Bangladesh - October 26, 2023

113 murdered in Dhaka city in eight months

Saleh Ahmed Hussain: In the first week of January, the possibilities and context of the 12th National Assembly elections have been created. As the heat is spreading in the field of politics due to the election, the fear is also increasing about the law and order situation. Not only that, criminal activities have increased in Dhaka because of the elections. Professional terrorists are increasing their stockpile of firearms to destabilize the political arena. Under the umbrella of the incarcerated and the influential, the terrorists’ activities are increasing.
Fears of criminal activities are intensifying after some of the top terrorists are out on bail. Some of their associates also got bail. The attack on top terrorist Tariq Saeed Mamun, who is out on bail, has sparked a new discussion about the criminal world. Those related to the investigation say that the accomplices of another top terrorist, Sanjidul Islam Imon, who is imprisoned, carried out the attack.
Another top terrorist, Naeem Ahmed Titon, was released on bail a day before the attack on Mamun on September 18 last month. He was imprisoned for two decades. Titon is the brother-in-law of top terrorist Eamon. Another top terrorist, Khorshed Alam Rasu, was released on bail on September 22, four days after Teton’s release. There are concerns about whether they will re-engage in further conflicts after they are released from prison.
On October 14, a clash broke out between Swachhasebak League leader Nabil Khan’s group and the Islam group at Mirpur Mazar Road in the capital. Meanwhile, a 30-year-old volunteer league leader named Shah Alam was stabbed to death due to an internal dispute.
Two days later, a 43-year-old Ramzan alias Petkata Ramzan was shot dead at Kamrangirchar in the capital on October 16 at around 3:30 am. The police believe that he was killed due to previous enmity. Mustafa Anwar, officer-in-charge of Kamrangirchar police station, said that there are multiple cases of murder and drug charges against Ramzan.
On September 19 at noon, terrorists hacked and seriously injured three people, including a woman, in Bangshal, Alubazar area of the capital. The injured are Ranu Begum (70), her son Md. Masud Rana (45) and Abdul Masum (48). Rita Begum, a relative of the injured, said that we have a small salon shop in Alubazar Bara Masjid area. Identified extortionists and drug dealers in the area demanded extortion from us several times. But as my brother did not pay the contribution, a group of 12 to 15 people including Shubo, Prince, Safran attacked us with native weapons. They seriously injured mother Ranu Begum, brother Masud Rana and uncle Abdul Masum.
On September 18, a group of terrorists opened fire at a top terrorist riding in a private car in Tejgaon industrial area of the capital around 10 pm. The bullet hit the motorcycle rider Bhuvan Chandra Sheel (52) in the head. He was immediately rescued and taken to Dhaka Medical College Hospital. Later that night he was shifted to Dhanmondi Popular Hospital. Bhuvan Chandra Sheel died on September 25 after battling death for seven days.
Incidents such as thefts, robberies and murders are happening continuously in the capital. In these incidents, the influence of politicians has increased on the one hand and common people are worried on the other hand.
Data analysis of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) cases showed that 113 murders occurred in Dhaka alone in the last 8 months. A thousand incidents of theft occur. 320 cases of rape. 17,432 cases were registered in 50 police stations of Dhaka on various complaints. 39,668 people were arrested in these cases.
DMP says that Tejgaon division of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) is the most crime-prone area of the capital. Next are Wari, Mirpur, Uttara, Lalbagh, Gulshan, Motijheel and Ramna divisions. Analyzing the data for the last three and a half years (August 2020-2023) conducted by the DMP, it can be seen that crime has increased in every category compared to the previous year.
DMP is working by dividing the capital’s 50 police stations into eight crime departments to control crime. Analysis of police data shows that theft, robbery, robbery, kidnapping and drug dealing are highest in Tejgaon division. Wari division has more cases of murder and rape. More extortion in Mirpur. Incidents like smuggling in Uttara division, explosives in Lalbagh, riots and political murders in Gulshan division are high.
According to RAB data, 698 illegal weapons were recovered in 2020, 846 were recovered in 2021, and 1,394 were recovered in 2022. 497 illegal weapons were recovered from January to August this year. RAB has recovered 19,634 illegal weapons since its establishment till August 2023. And 14,323 accused were arrested in cases related to illegal weapons.
Rape and murder high in Wari
Wari division of DMP has six police stations – Wari, Demra, Shyampur, Jatrabari, Gandaria and Kadmatoli. A maximum of 22 murders have occurred in Warri division in the last 8 months. The incidence of rape is highest in this category. At this time, 38 people were raped.
Law enforcement sources said professional criminals are trying to heat up the election-centric political situation. They are indulging in various crimes including murder at various times. If everyone is brought under the law before the elections, crime will be reduced to a great extent, especially in Dhaka.
DMP to prevent robbery
A task force has been constituted by the DMP to ensure safe and smooth movement of the city dwellers and remove the fear of crime to make Dhaka metropolis free from robbery. A 19-member task force was formed under the chairmanship of Sachin Chakma, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime Division) of DMP Headquarters. The other members of the task force are one Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime-1) of DMP Headquarters, eight Additional Deputy Commissioners of eight Crime Divisions of DMP, eight Additional Deputy Commissioners of Intelligence Police and Additional Deputy Commissioners/Assistant Commissioners of Police (Prosecution). one
Dhaka University Social Welfare and Research Institute Associate Professor and Society and Crime Specialist Dr. Tauhidul Haque said that some people use their political identity as power for tender bidding, extortion, kidnapping, harassing their opponents and creating internal conflicts within their party to secure positions, sometimes common people have to be sacrificed. It is also not clear what kind of action is taken by the party against such political person.
He also said that the safety of the movement of common people in our country could not be made 100%. Even that which has been created is at times questioned or the place of satisfaction is questioned due to political differences. A lawyer, a college student or a person who dies in the shootings due to a conflict between his own party while moving on the road are all citizens of this country. Political persons may have political identity but a common man does not. There is a question as to how seriously the law enforcement agencies take such incidents. We have seen law enforcement agencies suing as plaintiffs in various political incidents. We do not find much in the past about the security of the common man in such initiatives by law enforcement agencies.
Crime expert Dr. Tauhidul Haque also said that it can be seen from the sentiments of social media, when political persons are killed in the shootings, regardless of the party, social media users seem to be happy if they see the comments. There is hatred and resentment in the minds of ordinary people. They feel that the movement of common people is being disrupted due to them. But when a common person dies, the sentiment shows that the common man is suffering, he has to think a lot in terms of living a normal life, moving on the roads. Those thoughts haunted him. There are considerable deficiencies in overall security. There is really no one to speak for the common man. Those who say it is temporary or due to circumstances or some kind of verbal promise.
Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Media and Public Relations Department Deputy Police Commissioner (DC) Farooq Hossain told that we are monitoring the top criminals who are in jail. We are also monitoring those who have come out on bail. The DMP and DB team are investigating whether there is any anarchy, extortion, threats to people ahead of the elections. These criminals are being brought under the law after specific complaints. No exemption will be granted if anyone tries to destabilize the law and order situation by going out on bail or sitting in jail. The law and order forces are on alert to deal with any untoward situation centered on the dispute between top terrorists over the control of Dhaka’s criminal underworld.
He also said that Dhaka Metropolitan Police is the face of Bangladesh Police. DMP has reached where it is today through professionalism, dedication, efficiency, sincerity, honesty and sacrifice. DMP is ready to face any tough challenge in the days to come. All necessary preparations have been made to ensure the safety of the people of Dhaka before and during the election.
Commander Khandaker Al Moin, director of the Legal and Media Wing of the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), told that some top terrorists could profit by targeting elections. RAB’s intelligence surveillance has already been increased for this. Top terrorists released on bail are kept under surveillance. A special plan has been taken to prevent the smuggling of illegal arms across the border. The intelligence wing of RAB headquarters and 15 battalions of RAB are working simultaneously. In short, RAB will work alongside other law enforcement agencies to maintain law and order before and during and after elections.
In this regard, Metropolitan Detective (DB) Additional Commissioner of Police Mohammad Haroon Or Rasheed told that anyone who tries to heat the ground illegally before the election will be repelled. Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Police is always trying to maintain law and order situation in Dhaka city. Recently we recovered several illegal weapons.

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