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Health - February 1, 2023

12 points to make Dhaka habitable


Ibrahim Khalil Jewel: Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, is one of the four most polluted cities in the world according to the air quality index. This city has been ranked number one among air polluted cities for several days in the month of January, 2023. Due to this, people are getting affected by various diseases.
Leaders of seven environmental organizations have raised 12 demands to keep people living in Dhaka healthy. These demands were presented in a press conference at DRU yesterday.
PoribeshBachaoAndolan (PABA) chairman Abu Nasser Khan was present as the main speaker. PABA secretary Dr. Lelin Chowdhury presented the key speech.
Director of Civil Rights Protection Forum (NASF) Gaus Peyari, Chairman of Department of Environmental Science, Stamford University Professor Ahmed Kamruzzaman Majumdar, Azizur Rahman Khan also spoke.
In a written statement, it is said that according to aerial visual data, the air quality of Dhaka was at a dangerous level for 23 days in the first 24 days of last month January. There is a scientific method of measuring air quality. It is published through AQI (Ad Air Quality Index).
An air quality index or AQI of 0.50 is good or healthy, 51-100 moderate, 101-150 unhealthy for sensitive people, 151-200 unhealthy, 201-300 extremely unhealthy, 301 plus hazardous.
On January 12, Dhaka’s highest air quality was AQI 635.
Everyone is asked to stay indoors if the air temperature reaches dangerous levels. Doors and windows of the house are asked to be closed. If the air quality is very unhealthy, patients with asthma and various other respiratory conditions cannot go outside. Others are asked not to go out and not to work outside.
During unhealthy air quality, sensitive people may prefer not to go outside, and others, even if they do, stay outside for less time and do less physical labor.
12-point demands have been put forward to make Dhaka air pollution-free and healthy for human habitation. These demands include-

  1. Earth moving trucks within Dhaka will ply covering the earth, construction work will continue covering the site.
  2. To sprinkle water in all areas on the road.
  3. Construction and carpeting of mega projects of roads to comply with laws and regulations.
  4. Seizure of vehicles that emit black smoke.
  5. According to the Road Transport Act-2018, determining the economic life of vehicles on the road and imposing restrictions on their movement if the vehicles are old.
  6. Submission of report within two months after stoppage of unlicensed vehicles.
  7. Do not burn tires and dispose of batteries without permission from the Department of Environment.
    9 Keeping market and shop waste in packets. To remove them through the City Corporation.
  8. Taking necessary measures to sprinkle water at various points including the entrance of the capital.
  9. The dust accumulated on the trees on the roads of Dhaka is cleaned.
  10. It has been demanded to implement the court order given to the managing director of Dhaka Wasa to supply water to the two city corporations of Dhaka in case of water shortage.

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