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Bangladesh - October 13, 2021

13,500 become new millionaires during pandemic in Bangladesh

Staff Correspondent: Some 13,881 people have entered the list of millionaires in Bangladesh over the last one year despite the Covid-19 pandemic, says Bangladesh Bank.
According to the latest central bank data, the number is 16% more than the same period of last year.
After June last year, the number of millionaire bank accounts was 86,037. However, in the current year, the number has increased to 99,918, said Bangladesh Bank.
BB data reveals that in the second quarter (April-June) this year, 5,646 millionaire accounts have been added while in the first quarter (January-March) the number was 382.
In January 2021, the number of millionaire accounts was 93,890. It increased to 94,272 after March this year.
From January to December last year, some 10,051 millionaire accounts were added despite the Covid-19 pandemic and around Tk68,000 crore was added to the existing millionaire accounts, as per BB data.
The contribution of millionaires in the total deposit of banks is also increasing as after June this year their contribution was 44.08%. According to the central bank, around Tk14 lakh 39 thousand and 763 crore was deposited in the accounts opened after June this year.
BB data revealed, 12 crore 15 lakh and 49 thousand bank accounts have been opened in the banks across the country till June this year. Around 0.08% of these accounts are owned by millionaires.
Till June 2021, the number of bank accounts with a deposit of Tk1 crore to Tk5 crore was 78,698. There were 11,013 accounts with a deposit of Tk5 crore to Tk10 crore, 3,599 accounts with Tk10 crore to Tk15 crore, 1,732 accounts with Tk15 crore to Tk20 crore and 1,185 accounts with Tk20 crore to Tk25 crore.
In 1972, there was only 5 millionaires in the country which increased to 47 in 1975. In 1980, there was 98 millionaires in the country. The number was 943 in 1990, 2,594 in 1996, 5,162 in 2001, 8,887 in 2006 and 19,163 in 2008.

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