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Bangladesh - January 25, 2022

18 cops suicide in 3 years

Steps need to take sooner

Zarif Mahmud: The number of suicides of police personnel is increasing at an alarming rate. According to police, 18 policemen have committed suicide in the last three years. According to the police investigation, most of the members who chose the path of suicide went there due to family quarrels. Shubh Malla, a police constable working at the RAB headquarters, committed suicide on September 13 last year.
Earlier on August 6, 2021 Dhaka District Superintendent of Police (SP) Kazi Maruf Hossain shot himself in the head while he was on duty at official bungalow on Bailey Road. Saiful Islam, who was working at Mujibnagar Ratanpur police outpost in Meherpur, committed suicide on the morning of Eid day (Eid-ul-Azha) on July 21. A few days ago, on July 15, Qayyum Sarkar committed suicide by putting his weapon on his head at Rangamati Police Lines.
Colleagues have recently expressed concern over the suicide of police members. Even some of the police members are terrified. Those who care about the state are also concerned about police suicide. If those who provide security to the people choose the path of suicide out of emotional stress, then the safety of the common man is in danger. So, we have to work now to stop the tendency of police members to commit suicide.
Suicide bombers are said to be talking to colleagues, standing for hours under the open sky after getting a job, and forcing senior officers to become bodyguards, gardeners and even chefs. One of the reasons for the tendency of most constables to commit suicide is not getting leave. This creates distance with the family. This can lead to problems such as family quarrels, family breakups and stress in the final stages.
Speaking to several Army members in the service, it is learned that they get two months leave in a year. There is a rule in the army, this holiday is to rest. Spending time with family members. So that no kind of stress is created. It is expected that you will be able to return to work after the holidays.
But the unwritten rule in the police is not to get leave. The political situation in the country is not good so leave will not be given; Militant activities have increased so Eid holidays are closed. Theft has increased so the patrol has to be increased so everyone’s leave is canceled. National elections are ahead so it is forbidden to go on holiday. Lastly, the higher authorities have canceled everyone’s leave because of Corona. The leave of the police members was canceled due to various reasons. On the other hand, if you do not spend the holiday, the extra money does not match. Due to this, mental stress is created from various angles.
When you go to ask for leave again, you have to go from one table to another for permission. You have to go from one officer to another. One by one he heard various things including slander. The police have a provision to take a 15-day leave called ‘Rest and Recreation Leave’ every three years. That too is not being implemented properly. Police members are also angry about this.
Holidays that are full of complexity are neither fun nor comfortable. On the contrary, even senior officials do not get much leave. However, senior officials rest in various ways at work. Their accountability is much less. The higher the salary, the higher the benefits. They can stay with family. Where most of the police constables have to live without family. Again, where you live, the environment of the police station compound or barracks is not so developed.
I think it is important for the police force to take some decisions to stop the tendency of the police personnel who provide security to the lives and property of the people of the country. Arrangements can be made for the family to stay inside the police station compound. Even if you have a bachelor, you have to create a better environment for living and eating. Adequate sports and entertainment should be provided. Married and unmarried people should be given special importance to spend their holidays.
Family members need to be accommodated and accommodated during illness. The most important thing is that the police members should have adequate medical care. For this, branches of police hospitals have to be opened in the districts. Since the salary of the subordinate members is low, regular rations, allowances and medical treatment have to be arranged. Care should be taken to ensure that their salary is not deducted from any sector other than ‘future fund’.
Vacation is the right of any employee. In any case, you have to make arrangements for vacation. It is important to provide adequate allowances to those whose salaries are low. It is also important to have recreational and sports facilities to reduce stress. According to many former police officers, with adequate leave and proper management, it is possible to reduce the suicide rate of police personnel to almost zero.

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