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Climate - District - June 19, 2022

200,000 clients out of electricity in Sylhet

Sylhet Correspondent: Sylhet is floating in the water of the slope coming down from the upper reaches. In the meantime, several lakh people of the district have become waterlogged. There has been food and drinking water crisis. In this situation, power supply to several areas of Sunamganj and Chatak has been cut off.
The Department of Power says major accidents could occur at any time in heavy water. Power supply has been temporarily cut off to avoid accidents.
According to the power department, several sub stations in Sunamganj and Chatak areas have been flooded. Knee-deep water is flowing in the centers. Due to which the power supply in those areas has been temporarily cut off.
Relevant sources said that the power supply has been cut off since Thursday due to rising water in Dakshin Surma and Kompaniganj power sub stations. Water has also risen in the sub-center of the national grid line of Kumargaon in Sylhet. This substation will also have to be closed if the water level rises a little more. If it is cut off, power supply to most parts of Sylhet and Sunamganj will be cut off.
The Army, Fire Service and City Corporation have been working with the power department day-night to keep the station running. Attempts are being made to stop the water in various ways.
Distribution company Power Grid Company of Bangladesh Limited-PGCB wrote on their Facebook page that PGCB’s grid substations in Chatak and distribution company’s power substations in the adjoining areas have been inundated.
As a result, power supply from Chatak to Sunamganj has been cut off. Many areas in Sunamganj have also been flooded due to the hill slope. In order to avoid accidents, power supply has been cut off in Chhatak and Sunamganj districts.
The switchyard of Kumargaon grid substation in Sylhet Sadar has been flooded. If the water level rises further, Sylhet will also be at risk of power outages.
The power department is apologizing for the temporary inconvenience caused to the esteemed power consumers due to the natural calamity.
The Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources wrote on its Facebook page that torrential rains have been falling in Sylhet and Sunamganj areas since Thursday. The grid substations have been closed for security reasons as flood water from hill slopes and floodplains entered the Chatak and Sunamganj grid substations. Power supply to the area has been cut off due to closure of substation.
Kumargaon sub-center of Sylhet is also at risk due to continuous rains. This substation may also need to be closed at any time.
As the flood waters were not severe in Fenchuganj, Bibiana, Beanibazar and Srimangal areas, power supply was normal in those areas. Precautionary measures have been taken to avoid accidents of electrical equipment and installations.
It is learned that PDB has about four and a half lakh subscribers in four districts of Sylhet division. Of these, one lakh customers in Sylhet and 90,000 in Sunamganj are now without electricity.

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