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Bangladesh - District - December 31, 2022

3.1m unit containers handled in Ctg port this year

Chattogram Bureau: Five days before the end of the year, 30 million units of containers were handled at the Chittagong port. The news came when imports and export turned down amid the Ukraine-Russia war and the risk of a global recession. According to the port authority, around 3.1 million single containers have moved through the Chittagong port till December 26, 2022. In the remaining five days, another 43,000 units of containers are expected to be added, making the total container movement 31,42,000 units.
However, this rate of container movement will be lower than in 2021-the port authority had already estimated that. But at the end of the year, the gap in product volatility in 2022 is much smaller than in 2021 and is only 2 percent. As a result, this port is somewhat relieved. Chittagong Port Director (Transport) Enamul Karim said, “Throughput directly depended on the import and export. Imports of goods have fallen sharply as prices have risen due to the Ukraine-Russia war. Major buyers have also reduced orders for export products due to inflation. As a result, the rate of fluctuation was low in the last three months. At the end of the year, our fluctuations will be 2 percent lower than the previous year. ‘
He said, “For several months, we have witnessed the speed of reduction of products. During this time every ship left the port within 48 hours and most of the cargo ships were able to arrive at the jetty without waiting on arrival. By January-February, I am getting the impression that the product fluctuations will return to the previous state. That is, our economy will return to its previous speed. ‘
It is known that a total of 32 lahks 14 thousand single containers were moved through Chittagong port in 2021, Which was the highest record of the port. The record of the port was big proof that the economy of Bangladesh was recovering after overcoming the shock of the corona epidemic. That growth has continued since early 2022; It was getting pretty good speed.
But the Russia-Ukraine war has thrown everything into disarray. The government’s crackdown on luxury goods imports, extreme volatility in the dollar, massive tightening of credit, and reduced orders to major export destinations led to three months of negative momentum. This affects the main seaport of the country.
In January 2022, when two lakh 91 thousand single containers were moved, it came down to two lakh 71 thousand units in August. Due to the strict imposition from September, it further decreased to 248 thousand and in October 239 thousand units, in November 246 thousand units, and finally reached 30 lakh 99 thousand units by December 26.
Tarfdar Ruhul Amin, Senior Vice President of Chittagong Chamber, said, “If Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had not taken the challenge during the difficult times of the Corona epidemic, economic recovery would not have been possible. This time too Bangladesh did not have to face the danger as the measures were taken to overcome the pressure of global recession at the right time. ‘
Chittagong Port enlisted its name among the 3 million unit container handling milestones.

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