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Bangladesh - January 23, 2024

3 lakh RMG workers in job risk for gas crisis

Farhad Chowdhury : For the past few months, the industrial and factory owners of Narayanganj have fallen into trouble due to the gas crisis. Although we used to get gas for some time during the day, since the parliamentary elections, the gas supply seems to have been completely stopped. Unable to bear the loss, doubts have arisen about how long the owners will keep the factory open. It is believed that the announcement of the closure of the factory may come at any time. As a result, about three lakh workers of various industries in Narayanganj are in danger of losing their jobs.
Talking to the factory owners, it is known that there are more than six hundred gas-dependent industries in Narayanganj. Many of these factories could not export products due to the election. On the other hand, the time of January salary is approaching. At the same time, there is pressure to increase salaries. In this situation, the owners can close the factory. Ubaidul is the Dying Manager of Esrotax Group in Bscic area of Fatulla. He told, “We have not been getting gas for several months. Gas is not available at all for the last few days. Currently we have a major disaster going on for dyeing. I am in dyeing sector for last 10 years. I have never faced such a situation.
Manager Saiful Islam Sumon said, “I can’t do any work due to gas shortage.” We have to produce one and a half lakh per day. Only 10-15 thousand are being produced there. That’s why we are unable to ship. The situation is very bad.
Bayer Masudur Rahman said, “Factories are not getting gas properly. Due to which they are not able to keep their promises to Bayer. Such a situation is going on all over the country.
Motahar Hossain Bhuiyan, Chief Financial Officer of IFS Texware Limited. He told, “We are not able to keep the shipment schedule right. I can’t keep the promise given to the buyers.
Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BKMEA) Board of Directors meeting was organized on Saturday (January 20). At the end of the meeting, BKMEA President and Member of Parliament of Narayanganj-5 Constituency Salim Osman told Daily Industry, “We are unable to solve the gas problem despite many attempts. Our industries are almost closed. About three lakh workers are in danger. We have tried to give them the salaries for the month of December. But we could not export. We could not produce our goods on time. There was an election on him, now it is time to pay the salary of January again.
He also said, ‘There is pressure on us to increase the salary. Where will we pay this salary? We agreed that the price of gas will increase, there will be no objection if we get uninterrupted gas. We are getting electricity a little bit better but we are totally disappointed with gas.
AH Aslam Sunny, managing director of Crony Group, said, “Our factories are closing down. Unable to keep commitments with buyers. Our shipment is suffering severe damage. Now we are not able to run the factory even twenty five percent. The remainder of the shipment is being cancelled. I can’t pay the bank. Air shipment is not available. The amount of money we are losing, we cannot bear this loss even in seven years.
He further said, ‘We are facing serious losses. Workers have no work. (But) at the end of the month they should be paid. I have to pay the gas bill even if I don’t get gas. It is inhumane. We are repeatedly telling the government about this. BKMEA is speaking. No one is listening, no one is seeing our problem. In this situation, we have no choice but to close the factory.
Mamunur Rashid, deputy managing director of Titus Gas Narayanganj office said, “We have informed the higher authorities about the gas crisis. They have assured us that the gas crisis will be resolved. We will try to solve the problem as soon as possible.

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