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Bangladesh - February 18, 2022

5 years of country’s going backward

Sajeeb Wazed on BNP’s tenure

UNB: Prime Minister’s ICT Advisor Sajeeb Wazed Joy has condemned the ruling by the BNP-Jamaat government between 2001 and 2006, terming the period as “five years of Bangladesh’s going backward”.
Sajeeb Wazed made this remark in a Facebook post from his verified account, accompanied by a visual report, which displayed a slogan criticising the BNP-led government, “No electricity, no water, Hawa Bhaban – money treasure”.
Taunting BNP leader Khaleda Zia’s speech that termed the 2001-2006 tenure as ‘awe-inspiring’, the visual report mentioned that the tenure was ‘awe-inspiring’ indeed, as incidents such as “murder, repression, grabbing, politicization, incessant rise in price of essentials, unchecked plundering, corruption, money-laundering, extremism, and grenade attack” set a record in post-independence Bangladesh.
The video also incorporated some testimonies of people, in general, against the BNP-Jamaat government.
One of the people interviewed said, “BNP displayed sheer failure in five years of running the state. It was the government during the tenure of which school teachers are killed, students are murdered, journalists are repressed, corruption pervades every sector.”

“I saw Tarique (son of Khaleda Zia) roaming around with 50-Honda. Now he owns brand-new cars. Where did these come from? These came through corruption,” another person was heard to say in the video.

Another person was heard to say that Tarique became one of the richest men in Asia by laundering money.

Having turned Hawa Bhaban into a parallel powerhouse of the state, Tarique Rahman transformed it into an unwritten hub of bribe and percentage, according to the visual report. Through massive politicisation and syndicate, they artificially increased the price of essentials and thus siphoned off thousands of crores of Taka from the public, said the video.

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