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Bangladesh - September 6, 2022

50 km transmission line for uninterrupted gas supply

Target Power Stations and Economic Zones

Mahfuja Mukul: Initiatives have been taken to supply gas to six power plants and economic zones of the country to ensure uninterrupted production. This gas will be brought through the pipeline from Bakhrabad gas field in Muradnagar, Comilla. For this purpose, the transmission line is being constructed from Bakhrabad gas field to New Haripur Power Plant in Narayanj. The 50 km long pipeline will have a diameter of 42 inches.
The 50 km long pipeline will have a diameter of 42 inches. This work will be completed under the Bakhrabad-Meghnaghat-Haripur gas pipeline construction project.
The project was approved by the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) in June 2021. The total cost of the project is estimated at Tk 1,304.62 crore. Out of this, Tk 512.59 crore will be given from government funds. The remaining Tk 792.03 crore will be provided from the organization’s own funds.
The activities are going on in full swing to complete all the works under the scope of this project within the stipulated time. So far, the progress of the project is 1 percent.
Pipeline construction materials will be procured under six packages of the project. For this purpose, six separate international open tenders (open tenders) have been called. The tender process will be completed in two to three months. Physical work will start from February 2023 after the pipeline construction material arrives in the country.
According to project sources, power plants are being constructed in Meghnaghat power hub area and Haripur, Siddhirganj and Araihajar areas to meet the electricity shortage in the country. Various development projects are being implemented in these areas including economic zones. 50-km long new gas pipeline will be constructed especially for gas supply to power plants, economic zones, industrial establishments, commercial customers and other customers. The diameter of this pipeline will be 42 inches.
Japan Economic Zone will be built on 1000 acres of land in Araihajar Upazila of Narayanganj near Dhaka. As a result, Japanese investment in the country will increase. Japanese entrepreneurs will come forward to invest in the country. Taking these things into consideration, gas connection will be provided here as well. The work of the project started from July 2021. The work is targeted for completion by June 2024. The project initiated by the Department of Energy and Mineral Resources will be implemented by Gas Transmission Company Limited (GTCL).
The project work includes land acquisition, purchase of pipeline and ancillary equipment, construction of 50 km pipeline. Setting up of 9 river crossings on HDD system and three regulating and metering stations on PC basis.
Energy and Mineral Resources Department sources said that a total of six power plants with a capacity of 750, 583, 584, 400, 450, 600 MW have been constructed in the Meghnaghat Power Hub area. In other words, about 552 mmcfd of gas will be supplied to six power plants. Besides, 230 MSCFT of gas will be supplied to three power plants in Ghazaria, Haripur and Siddhirganj power hub areas. Gas will be supplied to industrial, commercial and other customers in Meghnaghat, Haripur, Siddhirganj and Arai Hazar areas.
For this purpose, a 42-inch diameter gas transmission pipeline will be constructed from Bakhrabad to Haripur via Meghnaghat in Narayanganj. The daily circulation capacity of this pipeline is 1000 million cubic feet.
Under the project, a 42-inch diameter pipeline will be constructed from Bakhrabad to Haripur via Meghnaghat through Gas Transmission Company Limited (GTCL) to meet the demand of gas in the respective areas. Under the project, acquisition of 107 acres of land, acquisition of 226 acres of land, purchase of pipeline equipment and 50 km pipeline will be constructed.
9 river crossings will be done by hard disk drive (HDD) system. Average length of these rivers is 5.8 kilometers and three regulating and metering stations will be established. The reasons for this project This project is being undertaken for various reasons. The government has planned to import LNG from abroad to meet the increasing gas demand of the country and to ensure energy security in the future.
Currently, imported gas is being supplied to the national grid through two Liquid Natural Gas (LNG), Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) terminals of 500 mmscfd capacity each set up at Maheshkhali. A 30-inch diameter pipeline construction project is underway at Maheshkhali-Anwara to supply imported gas to Chittagong and Dhaka regions.
With the aim of overall economic development of the country, gas-based power plants and economic zones are being developed in Meghnaghat, Haripur, Siddhirganj and Narayanganj areas. In particular, there are plans to build Japan Economic Zone, Comilla Economic Zone. GTCL will take necessary steps to extend the gas line from Meghnaghat to Haripur under the GTCL Bakhrabad to Meghnaghat Gas Pipeline Construction Project to supply gas to the Japanese Economic Zone in Arai Hazara Upazila.
GTCL has a total gas demand of 1,694 mmscfd in the southern and central regions. The project is being undertaken to meet the demand of gas.
Director of the project Mohammad Sanwar Hossain told, “After the approval of the project, there is some work. After completing the works, international open tenders have been invited for procurement of pipeline construction materials under six packages of the project. The tender process will be completed in two-three months.
After the goods reach the country, we can physically start the construction of the pipeline in February next year.
He said, “The overall activities are continuing with the aim of completing all the work of this project within the stipulated time frame. We hope to complete the project on time. The project is mainly taken up to supply gas to power plants. It will increase production in power plants. It will be possible to meet the shortage of electricity in the country.

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