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Bangladesh - March 2, 2023

5,500 Home Ministry cases pending for 25-years in HC

Special Correspondent: More than 5,500 cases of the Ministry of Home Affairs are pending in the High Court. There are also cases from almost two decades ago in this list. The concerned could not tell why these cases are not being resolved. However, letters are sometimes sent from the Ministry of Home Affairs to the Attorney General’s Office for quick disposal of these cases. Those concerned said that they take care of these matters.
According to the relevant department of the Ministry of Home Affairs, a writ case of 1999 has not been settled yet. Four writs of 2003 and two of 2004 are pending disposal. 39 in 2005, 41 in 2006, 486 in 2007, 761 in 2008, 110 in 2009, 375 in 2010, 252 in 2011, 424 in 2012, 484 in 2013, 370 in 2014, 308 in 2015, 345 in 2016, 2017 340, 387 in 2018,306 writ cases of 2019, 160 of 2020, 208 of 2021 and 257 of 2022 are pending in the High Court.
In the past 24 years, 5 thousand 660 writ cases of various departments under the Ministry of Home Affairs were filed in the High Court. Among them, 236 writ cases from 2019 to 2022 have been settled. 5 thousand 424 cases are currently ongoing.
Those concerned said that law and order forces have to conduct operations against terrorists, extortionists and law breakers at various times to control the law-and-order situation of the country, protect the border and protect public safety. After taking action against the accused after these raids, the concerned filed a writ case in the High Court against the actions of the law and order forces.
During the two years of Fakhruddin Ahmed’s government, known as the government of One Eleven, the highest number of writ cases were filed in the High Court. For example, 486 writ cases were filed in 2007
and 761 in 2008. However, between 2012 and 2019, there were more writ cases in the High Court.
In various internal meetings of the Ministry of Home Affairs, the writ cases of various departments including Police, Ansar, BGB, Coast Guard were discussed. In the meeting it was decided to finish them quickly. But there is no progress in settling the case.
In this regard, two responsible officials of the Ministry of Home Affairs said that they informed the Attorney General’s Office by letter after each meeting. Moreover, court matters are within the jurisdiction of the court.
District and Sessions Judge rank law officer of police headquarters Rezaul Karim told, “We inform the Attorney General’s Office about this from time to time.” Writ cases are usually handled by Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General. Our job is to remind them.
Too many cases in the High Court. This may be the reason for delay in settling them. Moreover, government cases are conducted in an official manner. They are administered by the Attorney General and other Deputy Attorney Generals in his office. We just remind you to finish early.
When asked how many writ cases the police have, law officer Rezaul Karim said that there are few writs in departmental cases. Because there are administrative tribunals to dispose of departmental cases. Departmental cases are mainly settled there. There are about 2 thousand police cases. But there are no old cases. Departmental cases are more in Administrative Tribunals.
He also said that in many writ cases there is no police action. It has been seen that someone went to the high court and made the police a party. For example, a writ case is also filed against husband and wife and children. There, the police were made a party. In that case, the police have little to do except to respond.
When asked about the same, Attorney General AM Amin Uddin told Bangla Tribune that basically these cases are against the state. The state is responsible for this.
However, the trial of the cases is delayed due to various reasons including the plaintiff not coming forward for the hearing and the busyness of the state.

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