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Bangladesh - Bank & Finance - January 1, 2024

A new year of conflict crisis and uncertainty

Mahbub Ullah : The New Year begins with the first sunrise on the Pacific Island of Kiribati. Gradually, the New Year’s sunlight will spread towards the west. The rays of the sun will light up the eastern hemisphere and spread to the western hemisphere.
The people of the world will welcome the new year with joyous festivals in the countries of the world. Any new arrival excites and makes people happy. But no one can say for sure how long that excitement will last. Wars, famines, economic depressions, outbreaks of diseases, vagaries of climate have not kept the people of the world very happy.
There are many reasons for suffering. Yet people want to be optimistic. The people of the mortal world want to think that the future days will be spent well with a confident heart. Optimism is the religion of man. Without hope, people could not live on this earth. People shed tears after losing their children. Still, he forgets the pain and dreams of a new life.
This dreaming is an eternal habit of people. Martin Luther King said, ‘I have a dream’. Like him, all people dream many small but not very big dreams; He who does not have rice on his head, dreams that one day he will have a garden.
Eight billion people live in the world today. Many scientists have found changes in the DNA of men, which can greatly disrupt fertility. As a result, this world of 800 million people, no matter how crowded it seems now, could one day become terribly depopulated. People are very helpless to this strange whim of nature. Age after age has passed, paralleled by many demographic transitions. If the situation starts to reverse due to the uncertainty of the demographic transition, then maybe our world will be full of riches. The birds will sing again in the branches of the trees, the stream will return to the river. The new-age technology-less Majhi may once again enthrall the people of both sides with Bhatiali songs. We knew, ‘On the other side of the river, leaving my breath, / On the other side, all happiness is my faith.’ In this conflict of happiness and unhappiness, there was turmoil and conflict between the people of the two banks. The people of one side looked at the people of the other side with hatred and anger. We hope that the new age Majhi song will end the animosity and conflict between these two clans. A world will be built, where everyone will share as much happiness and prosperity as possible. “Give and take, meet/will not go back.”
Palestine, Ukraine and the South China Sea are among the hot spots in the world today. Regarding Ukraine, Western powers have finally come to the conclusion that Ukraine cannot be saved. So, the political solution that can be hoped for in Ukraine is a kind of UN-based non-alignment system. Interestingly, Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev, the tyrannical president of Soviet Russia, was a citizen of Ukraine. This shows how strong the ties between Russia and Ukraine are. Any attempt to break this bond will inevitably lead to bloodshed. Only through bloodshed will this bond be restored. Maybe next year this bond will be established anew. There will be an end to the tragic bloodshed. Ukraine has given a lot to the world civilization. Ukraine’s naval and aircraft industries were highly developed. Ukraine is one of the granaries of the world. So, Ukraine has a lot to offer the world. We dream that peace will be established in Ukraine at any cost and that Ukraine will meet everyone’s expectations with what it has to offer the world. The fear that has arisen about food production in the world, if the Ukraine problem is solved, the dark cloud of that fear will disappear.
Chinese President Xi Jinping has expressed hope that Taiwan will be peacefully reunited with China. Before the 1949 revolution in China, Taiwan and mainland China were the same state. China’s right-wing Kuomintang rulers, defeated in a revolutionary war with the Communist Party, took refuge in Taiwan with their remaining troops and weapons.
Taiwan is going to have an election. Several parties are contesting this election. Among these parties, there are those who are deeply anti-China, as well as those who are sympathetic to China. US Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s controversial visit to Taiwan sparked heightened tensions between China and Taiwan. Chinese warplanes touch Taiwan’s airspace. China wanted to make it clear that it will not tolerate any unwanted actions by Taiwan. China still says peaceful reunification with Taiwan is China’s goal. But China will not refrain from using force if necessary. There are many interesting stories about the Chinese border.
In 1962 Sino-Indian border war, India was severely defeated. But China did not retain the territory it captured from India. This is China’s border diplomacy. China now maps Arunachal Pradesh as part of its national territory. Meanwhile, India is no less. A map made of a mural has been installed in the Sangsad Bhawan of India, depicting the Ashoka-era Mahabharata. India’s neighboring countries are strongly protesting this. Unfortunately, we are not seeing anything like that in Bangladesh.
Palestine has been burning since 1948. Genocide is going on in Palestine. Palestinians have been displaced from their own homelands. In the literature books that Palestinian children read – birds have nests but we don’t have nests. Palestinians are being evicted from their age-old homes and Israeli settlements are being built there. The Israelis are taking over the Palestinian farms, crops, livestock. Palestinians are being prevented from offering prayers at the Holy Mosque. Now that the brutal, brutal, bloody massacre is going on in Gaza, it seems that Israel wants to turn the whole of Gaza into a wasteland. More than twenty thousand people died. A large part of them are women and children. Gaza fighters are fighting for their lives. They are giving a toothless response to Israeli aggression as much as they can.
The global Jewish community is no longer as united against the Palestinians as it once was. Those among them who have sense of morality, sense of justice and virtue are condemning this war and asking for an end to the war. Protests against Israel’s unjust war have begun at world-renowned universities, including Harvard University. At least 60 percent of the American public is pro-Palestinian despite the US government’s pro-Israel policies. International polarization has started around Palestine. Türkiye sent fighters to Palestine. A Chinese Navy ship has gone to Palestine. Air and sea attacks are possible from these ships. In addition, regional guerrilla fighters, including Hezbollah and Houthi fighters, have vowed to stand by the Palestinians. The end of the conflicting relationship between Saudi Arabia and Iran, mediated by China, has created a new equation in the Middle East. Annihilation in bloodshed has created an unimaginable opportunity for Palestine to turn around. War-torn Syria is also not failing to stand by Palestine. The Syrian Golan Heights are still occupied by Israel. This Syria cannot do anything wrong with the Palestinians.
The famous radical economist Samir Amin has calculated that the rate of economic growth has halved in the 21st century compared to the 20th century. Despite the application of various macroeconomic strategies, the situation is not improving. If the growth of a large country like China slows down, it is bound to have a negative impact on global growth. In this situation, there is no good way out of the capitalist world crisis. The capitalist world must try to overcome the crisis by breaking the armistice and looting and occupying the country. The main problem is here. If there is new instability in different regions of the world in the coming year, this crisis will be blamed. What capitalists do not understand is that war is not the solution to problems. World War I resulted in the emergence of Socialist Soviet Russia. With him emerged the socialist countries of Eastern Europe. After World War II, China, Vietnam, Laos, Cuba and North Korea rose. If these changes are beneficial to human civilization then they should be welcomed. If it is not beneficial then a better system should be thought of. Maybe we need a Karl Marx for the new era.

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