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Bangladesh - March 28, 2022

ACC finds 3-storey building of Sinha in America

Staff Correspondent: The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has found information that former Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha (S K Sinha) had bought a three-storey building in the United States (US).
The documents in these connections have already reached hands of the ACC. According to ACC sources, the documents showed S K Sinha smuggled money from Bangladesh to America using his younger brother Ananta Kumar Sinha to buy a house.
An ACC official on Sunday (March 26) said the investigation officer ACC Deputy Director Gulshan Anwar Pradhan had sent letters to various countries including Canada, the United States, Dubai and Singapore, seeking information about his assets, alleging money laundering abroad.

In response to a letter, the ACC received a record of the purchase of S K Sinha’s three-storey house from US. The official said that filing a case in this connection was under process.

It was learned that S K Sinha’s younger brother Ananta Kumar Sinha has been working as a dentist in America. He bought a house for 1,45,000 US dollars after he received a loan of 1,08,000 US dollars from an American bank for 30 years. He also bought another house with 2,80,000 US dollars in cash on June 12, 2018.

According to the investigation report, from April 11 to June 20 in 2018, a sum of 1,96,458 US dollars was deposited to the account of Ananta Kumar Sinha at Valley National Bank in Patterson, New Jersey. In addition, from March 5 to May 28 in 2018, another sum of 60,010 US dollars was deposited. The dollars came from the Roy Group in Indonesia and Canada, which is actually a sales company.

When Ananta Kumar Sinha went to Valley National Bank with his elder brother S K Sinha, he informed the bank authorities that he had received funds from a friend to buy a house in Patterson area of America. In fact, S K Sinha, while he was the Chief Justice of Bangladesh, earned money illegally and smuggled it to the United States in various ways including hundi and transferred the money to his younger brother’s account. With this, he bought a house at 79 Jasper Street, Patterson, New Jersey, 07522 on June 12, 2018 at a cost of $280,000. So, the house indirectly belongs to S K Sinha.

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