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Corporate - August 8, 2022

After bus fare, now launch fare hiking

Staff Correspondent: It has been decided to increase the launch fare after the increase in bus fares due to the increase in fuel oil prices.
However, a working group has been formed to fix the fares. The committee will propose a fare hike in a day or two. A gazette in this regard will be published by August 10.
This decision was taken in a bilateral meeting in the meeting room of the Ministry of Shipping yesterday. Later, Secretary of Shipping Md. Mustafa Kamal, who chaired the meeting, briefed reporters.
The shipping secretary said “the rate of proposed fares by the owners are high”. A committee has been made for this. The working group will work to ensure that no one is harmed. “Passengers can travel on the launch at the previous fare till further notice,” he added.
Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA – Passenger Transport) has proposed a “100 percent increase in launch fare”. A meeting was held with the representatives of the owner association regarding the proposal, the shipping secretary also said.
Earlier, on November 4 last year, the government revised the price of diesel and kerosene from Tk 65 to Tk 80 per liter at the consumer level. The launch fare has been increased from November 8. At that time, the launch fare per kilometer increased by 60 paisa – which was increased by 35.29 percent for short-distance launches and 42 percent for long-distance launches.

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