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Bangladesh - December 21, 2021

Agro products worth $56cr exported in 5 months

Special Correspondent: During the first five months (July-Nov) of the current fiscal year 2021-22, agricultural and processed foods were exported amounted to US$ 55cr 65 lakh, which is 24.37 percent more than the same period of last year. During that period of the last financial year, the income from the export of these products was 44 crore 74 lakh dollars.
In the last fiscal year (2020-21), Bangladesh achieved the milestone of exporting $100 cr worth of agricultural products for the first time. Those concerned are hoping that the income will increase further this year.
According to the updated data of the Export Promotion Bureau (EPB), agricultural and processed agricultural products worth 55cr 65 lakh were exported in the first five months of the current fiscal year 2021-22. In Bangladeshi currency it amounts to about Tk 4,900cr. The most exported of these is dried food. In the first five months of the current financial year, dried food worth 8cr 86 lakh dollar has been exported. The amount in local currency is 780 crore taka.
However, the export of dried food has decreased compared to the same period of the previous financial year. During the same period of the previous financial year, the export of goods was 13 crore 37 lakh dollars.
During the period under review, tobacco exports amounted to 4cr 82 lakh dollar. And the amount of tea export was 4 crore 27 lakh dollars. Exports of other processed products amounted to $36cr, which is 73.59 percent more than the previous year. During the entire period of the last financial year, the export of agricultural products was 102 crore 81 lakh dollars.
Regarding the export income of agricultural products, Commerce Secretary Tapan Kanti Ghosh said, tax concessions and 20 per cent cash incentive are being provided for the export of agricultural and food processing products. As a result, export earnings in this sector have increased over the last four years. He thinks that the entrepreneurs of this sector have started exporting new products keeping in view the demand of the global market, which is showing positive effects.
The Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) is working to boost the country’s export market. Agricultural products are relatively
more perishable than other products. Therefore, the management for sending these products far and wide has not been well developed yet. There is still no research in our country on how to manage goods including shipping, what to do to find new markets, packaging products, importing or inventing the necessary equipment to avoid having to scan products in other countries, ways to reduce freight rates.
The laboratory was not developed. As a result, it is important to implement the long-term potential of agricultural exports.
According to the EPB report, Bangladesh exports agricultural and agricultural products to more than 50 countries in the Middle East and Europe, including Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, London, Canada, Dubai and Italy. Basically, Bangladeshis are the consumers of these products. In the countries where they are more, more agricultural products are exported from our country.
If foreigners besides Bangladeshis can consume these products of our country, it will further increase the export trade of the country.
The main agricultural products of the country include tea, vegetables, flowers, fruits, spices, dried foods etc.

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