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Bangladesh - August 27, 2023

AL mulls multifarious actions ahead of next general polls

The conflicts arise around elections as each seat has more than 10 candidates. However, everyone has assured us that they will work for whomever the party nominates.
We expect everyone to work for the party’s candidate

Rafiqul Islam Azad: The ruling Awami League is considering a multifarious plan of action as part of its preparations ahead of the 12th National elections. Along with evaluating dedicated leaders, the AL prefers to engage with the opposition BNP and its allies, convince influential countries in favor of the vote, draw attention to votes by focusing on development activities, and resolve the party’s inner conflicts, according to party sources.
The party rank and file said that even if there is conflict within the party, it will be resolved before the national elections. They believe that grassroots leaders and workers of the party will not disobey the instructions of Awami League Chief Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.
A senior party leader, preferring anonymity, said the party is approaching 15 years in power next year. However, many grassroots leaders and activists have been deprived during this extended period. Simultaneously, the number of nominees in the party has increased significantly due to unanimous victories in the last two elections.
Moreover, the party’s internal conflicts have escalated significantly. For a single parliamentary seat, there are numerous aspirants, as the party’s candidates won the last two elections easily.
A presidium member stated that it is true that as a major party, internal conflicts are present. He argued that there is no political party in any country where conflicts do not exist. “These conflicts arise around elections as each seat has more than 10 candidates. However, everyone has assured us that they will work for whomever the party nominates. We expect everyone to work for the party’s candidate,” he added.
Party insiders stated that AL President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has instructed party leaders and activists to highlight the misrule and misdeeds of BNP-Jamaat. However, some leaders are allegedly tarnishing the name of their party’s elected representatives. They criticize MPs, party activities, and the government.
A senior leader said that everyone should unite, prepare, and stand with the people. Party leaders need to go door-to-door to request votes for the boat, not for the candidate, but for the party. Nominations will be based on merit, skill, and popularity. Nominations will not be accepted through critical review, he asserted.
Insiders mentioned that AL President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has instructed the organizational secretaries to promptly address party conflicts. The party chief stated to the departmental organizational secretaries that those who stood by the party during difficult times, those who made many sacrifices for the party, cannot be excluded. Additionally, those who were part of the previous committee should also be included, insiders said.
Meanwhile, the AL-led 14-party alliance has been activated alongside the party to counter the opposition’s movement. Apart from the party program, the AL League chief is increasing government programs as well. The government’s development activities over the last 15 years will serve as one of the tools.
Efforts are being made to promote development activities and emphasize what the Awami League will do if it returns to power. The government has already announced universal pension. The ruling party intends to use this pension system to garner votes for the next election, according to sources.
Party insiders said that work on their election manifesto is ongoing. The manifesto will highlight the development activities carried out by the Awami League-led government over the last 15 years. Furthermore, the election manifesto will announce that the Awami League aims to build a smart Bangladesh if it wins the next election. The Awami League intends to fulfill the promises of the election manifesto.
It’s known that AL President Sheikh Hasina has advised party leaders and activists to highlight the achievements of the Awami League government over the past 15 years while campaigning for the upcoming elections. She urged party leaders to go door-to-door to promote the benefits of various measures taken by the government.
Meanwhile, the Dhaka Elevated Expressway will be inaugurated on September 2. On that day, the Dhaka North Awami League will organize a reconciliation rally. Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will speak at the event. Prominent citizens will also have the opportunity to speak and showcase the government’s development. As a result, the public meeting scheduled for September 2 in Sylhet has been postponed. This meeting will be rescheduled. At that time, the Awami League president will hold public meetings in Khulna and Comilla before rallying in other important districts.
Diplomatic activities have also intensified ahead of the 12th national elections. The ruling party is reportedly finding relief even under pressure from these activities. Diplomats are discussing free and fair elections but are not advocating for the opposition’s demands. Awami League leaders perceive this as a source of relief. According to them, diplomats are calling for free and fair elections, which aligns with their own desires.
According to Awami League sources, the government and the ruling party’s leaders are striving to reach an understanding with diplomats regarding the next 12th national parliament election in accordance with the constitution. Various segments of the party and government are collaborating on this. The ruling party’s key strategy is to emphasize a commitment to free and fair elections while upholding the constitution.

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