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Bangladesh - December 19, 2023

Annual average income now stood at Tk 91,368

Staff Correspondent: The average annual income of Bangladeshi people has stood at Tk 91,368. Earlier in 2016, the income was Tk 47,280. The income has increase by 93.24 percent in 7 years.
The average monthly income of a person in the country is Tk 7,614. This income has almost doubled in a span of six years. In 2016, the average income of a person was Tk 3,940.
Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) Khana Income and Expenditure Survey 2022 final report has revealed this picture. This report was published yesterday. Earlier, the preliminary results were released last April.
According to the BBS report, the income of city people is much higher than that of village people. The average monthly income of a person in the city is Tk 10,951. And the income of village people is close to half, Tk 6,09.
Not everyone in a family earns and there are children, old people and women who can’t work for practical reasons. But a family can have one or more earners. The average income of these earners is also given in the survey. The average income of earners is Tk 25,707. 6 years ago, its amount was Tk 13,646. This calculation is based on the income of the earner only.
What is the monthly income and expenditure of a family, it is also stated in the Household Income and Expenditure Survey. According to BBS, the average number of members in a household or family in Bangladesh is 4.26. The monthly income of that family is Tk 32,422. An average of Tk 31,500 is spent per month. A family spends an average of Tk 14,003 per month on food.
In this regard, BBS Deputy Director and Director of Household Income and Expenditure Survey Project Mohiuddin Ahmed said that the initial results were the same in the original report. This time only a little detail is said. In the last six years, there has been a change in the income and expenditure due to the change in the socio-economic conditions.
At the same time, the wealth of the rich has become more concentrated. Income inequality also appears to have become more pronounced. It has been seen that the richest 10% of the country’s total income is about 41%. In 2016, this rate of income was 39. However, the income share of the poorest 10 percent has increased slightly. Now 1.31 percent of the country’s total income is in their hands. 8 years ago, this rate was 1.002. But as rich people earn more, income inequality has also increased. According to BBS data, the Gini coefficient increased to 499 decimal points at the end of 2022. In 2016, the Gini coefficient was 482.482 points. A country is generally considered to have high income inequality if it is in the 500s.
Poverty high in Barisal: Now the overall poverty rate is 18.7. 6 years ago,i.e. in 2016 the poverty rate was 24.3. The rate of extreme poverty in the country is 5.6 decimals. 6 years ago, this rate was 12.9.
It was a common idea for so long,Poverty is more in North Bengal. But BBS says, the highest poverty is in Barisal division. The poverty rate in this category is 26.9. And least of all
In neighboring Khulna Division. The poverty rate in this category is 14.8.
Apart from this, the poverty rate is 17.9 in Dhaka, 15.8 in Chittagong, 16.7 in Rajshahi, 17.4 in Sylhet, 24.8 in Rangpur and 24.2 in Mymensingh.

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