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Annual loss of postal dept stood at Tk 700 cr

Land and vehicles can go to pvt sector

Mahfuja Mukul: State Minister for Posts, Telecommunication and Information Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak said that the Bangladesh Postal Department is making a loss of Tk 700 crore every year.
He said this at a discussion meeting on ‘expansion of e-commerce services of postal department and functionalization of chiller chamber and cross-border e-commerce’ organized at Dak Bhawan in Agargaon of the capital yesterday.
At that time, the state minister asked the director general of the postal department to show the account of the vehicles under the control of the department within an hour. He said that vehicles and land owned by the postal department will be given to the private sector to reduce losses.
The state minister said that the postal department has a total of 462 vehicles. 135 of them are inactive. If these vehicles are not repaired within seven days, they will be left in the hands of private companies. We will also give the lands of the postal department to the private sector if necessary. They will pay us part of the dividend.
It was informed in the discussion meeting that due to inefficiency and mismanagement, service delivery vehicles worth crores of rupees of the postal department are lying unused. Smart service points, even the valuable land of the postal department across the country, could not be utilized. In this situation, strict action will be taken against the accused to save the postal department, the state minister said, “It will not be possible to sit and take salary.” Get fixed by June 30. Otherwise, action will be taken.
The state minister said that apart from all the cars and service points, all the places of the postal department will also be leased to private companies. There will be an agreement in this regard with private institutions by this June.
Officials of the Department of Posts, Department of Posts, representatives of Courier Service Association, representatives of E-Commerce Association and representatives of public and private sectors related to logistics sector were present in the exchange meeting.
In the meeting, the state minister said that arrangements will be made for door-to-door delivery of passports through the post office. I will talk to the passport department about this. If necessary, I will also tell the Prime Minister about this.

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