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Bangladesh - November 15, 2021

Another order of Appellate Division regarding that judge …!

Staff Correspondent: Kamrunnahar, who has lost judicial power for unauthorized observation given in the much discussed rape case at Raintree Hotel in the capital ignored the High Court’s order in another case, it is alleged.
She was summoned by the Appellate Division two years ago. An order was also issued on Monday in its continuation.
But the order, which was given by the High court’s Appellate Division on Monday, could not be known so far.
Kamrunnahar, Judge of Women and Children Repression Prevention Tribunal-7 faced criticism on Thursday last over acquittal of all the accused in the much discussed college girls’ rape case.
She gave an observation directing to the police not to take rape cases after 72 hours of the incident on the excuse of evading complications over forensic examination.
Chief Justice stripped the judicial power of Kamrunnahar on Sunday in the face of criticism. She was later removed from the court and sent to the ministry.
The issue of ordering the summons of Kamrunnahar to grant bail to the accused in a rape case two years ago came to the agenda of the Appellate Division on Monday. Judge Kamrunnahar granted bail to Aslam Sikder on March 2 last year despite a stay order from the Supreme Court. She was then summoned to give explanation under which she had granted bail to the accused.
On March 12 last year, appellate bench of four justice headed by the chief justice directed her to appear before the court on April 2 of that year.
Then the case came up in the agenda of the Appellate Division under the headline ‘State vs. Aslam Sikder’ on Monday. It was at the beginning of the list.
A virtual appeal bench of five justice headed by the chief justice began hearing of the case, but the attorney general said that the state’s appeal was not available at that moment. Then the Chief Justice said, “We have everything.”
The court then went on break for some time. After return, the chief justice said, “The order has been given.”
When asked what the order was given, Attorney General AM Amin Uddin said, “I don’t know. I asked them (the judge of the appellate bench) and they did not tell us anything so far. But Chief Justice said, order has been passed.
A woman filed a case against Aslam Sikder, former producer of private television ATN Bangla at Hatirjheel Police Station in Dhaka on September 13 in 2018 alleging rape. The police arrested him on the same day. The next day, he was sent to prison.
The High Court granted bail to Aslam Sikder in the case on June 18 in 2019. The appellate division chamber court stayed the bail on the plea of the state. The state later appealed to the Appellate Division to extend the stay order. But, Judge Kamrunnahar granted bail to the accused Aslam despite the suspension of bail in the chamber court. During the hearing of the state’s appeal, the then Attorney General Mahbub-e-Alam brought the issue of granting bail to Aslam Sikder from the lower court to the notice of the Supreme Court.
The Appellate Division then brought the case documents from the lower court through a special messenger. After receiving the documents, the judges of the Appellate Division reviewed those. The Appellate Division then summoned Judge Kamrunnahar. Meanwhile, Aslam Sikder got acquitted in a court verdict on October 14 last year. The state appealed to the High Court against the verdict.
On January 20, the High Court bench of Enayetur Rahim and Justice Md. Mostafizur Rahman accepted the appeal for hearing and summoned the case documents. At the same time, Aslam Sikdar was ordered to surrender.

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