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Bangladesh - April 25, 2024

Asian countries most affected by climate change: UN

Industry Desk: Due to various disasters caused by climate change, the countries of the Asian continent have suffered the most in 2023.
This information was mentioned in a report of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the UN’s global weather and climate security agency, on Tuesday (April 23).
According to statistics, the average temperature in Asia in 2023 will increase by 1.87 degrees Celsius compared to 1991. Even compared to 2020, the average temperature in Asia was 91.91 degrees Celsius higher last year. According to the WMO, rising average temperatures and prolonged and prolonged heat waves in recent years are melting glaciers in mountainous regions of Asia and drying up aquifers. In view of this, the water security of this region will face a major crisis in the near future.
In a statement after the report was released on Tuesday, WMO chief executive Keleste Saulo said 2023 was the warmest year on record for most Asian countries. Most of the disasters like drought, heat waves, storms and floods have happened in different countries of Asia. The deep impact of climate change is already being observed on people’s life and environment as well as social system and economy of different countries. If rising temperatures, melting glaciers and rising sea levels continue at this rate, the impact will be even greater in the near future.
According to WEMO data, last year the temperature was highest in the Northwest Pacific Ocean, i.e. the Asian part. Temperatures are rising from Siberia to Central Asia and from East China to Japan. At least 20 of the 22 glaciers in the Himalayan range of Asia and the Hindu Kush and Tibetan ranges of these mountains will have a large reduction in ice storage by 2023 due to the effects of rising average temperatures.
The WMO report emphasized proper training of weather workers in Asian countries to combat climate change and natural disasters and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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