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Bank & Finance - September 24, 2023

ATM booth payment extremely declined

Staff Correspondent: The use of ATM booths has spread to the fringes of the country. As there is no electricity in many areas, ATM booths are running on solar power. An average of more than Tk 30,000 crore was withdrawn from ATM booths every month. But suddenly in the last month of July there has been an extreme decline in ATM booth transactions. Transactions in July decreased by Tk 9,247 crores compared to June.
Recently, the latest updated report published by Bangladesh Bank has revealed such information.
According to the data, Tk 33,877 crore was withdrawn from ATM booths in June this year. In the next month i.e. July, Tk 24,630 crores were withdrawn. That is, the transaction has decreased by Tk 9,247 crores within a month. Apart from this, Tk 362,060 crore was withdrawn from ATMs in one year till June.
Bank officials said that people’s lives have become easier than before due to the excellence of technology. People can easily withdraw money from the ATM booth. Apart from this, people can now both deposit and withdraw money at the CRM booth. It saves time. The work of the bank is also decreasing.
Their manpower recruitment costs are also decreasing. However, there is a rise in inflation and some financial instability in the country. They think that the effect of these may fall on July transactions.
Similarly, point of sales (POS) transactions fell by Tk 47 crore in July. Tk 2,924.90 crorewas transacted through POS. In July it decreased to Tk 2,878 crores.
Similarly, the amount of Cash Deposit Machine (CRM) has also decreased considerably. Tk 8,735 crore have been deposited in the CRM machine in July. In the previous month, the amount was Tk 10,399 crores. That is, the amount of money deposited through this medium has decreased by Tk 1,664 crores in the space of one month.
However, the amount of e-commerce transactions through card or internet banking at home has increased during this time. Tk 1,392 crore was transacted in e-commerce in June. In July, the transaction increased to Tk 1,427 crores. During this period, the transaction increased by Tk 35 crore.
According to the Bangladesh Bank report, the number of ATMs scattered in the country at the end of the financial year has reached Tk 13,725. A total of Tk 258,99,595 transactions were done at ATMs in July. Besides, 55,57,918 transactions were made in 1 lakh 6 thousand 832 points of sales, 7 lakh 23 thousand 255 transactions were made in 3 thousand 517 CRMs.

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