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Bangladesh - January 18, 2024

Awami League in trouble with post-poll violence

Shamsul Alam Zulfiqar : At least 15 people have been killed in electoral violence in the two months since the announcement of the schedule for the 12th National Assembly elections on November 15 till January 15. More than 2 thousand 200 people were injured. An organization named Human Rights Support Society (HRSS) has informed this information.
The agency said hundreds of people injured in the election violence were shot. And 350 houses and businesses were vandalized, set on fire and looted.
HRSS said this in a press release on Wednesday. The executive director of the organization, Ijazul Islam, told that they have collected information about election violence from news published in 12 daily newspapers.
According to the organization, at least seven people were killed in violence in different districts till the day before the polls. At least 50 incidents of violence occurred on January 7, the day of polling. Among them, 3 people were killed in Munshiganj, Barguna and Comilla. Apart from this, 16 people were shot and more than 150 were injured. Apart from this, election candidates, polling agents and presiding officers were also attacked in different parts of the country. More than 30 journalists were attacked, insulted and threatened while performing their professional duties on election day.
According to HRSS, at least 39 districts of the country have witnessed clashes, clashes, killings and vandalism since the parliamentary elections. At least 5 people were killed at this time. Apart from this, more than 450 people were injured, more than 60 people were shot, more than 300 houses and businesses were vandalized, set on fire and looted. Some people who did not vote and their houses were attacked.
The notification also said that there have been incidents of attacks, torture, harassment, vandalism and arson of houses and businesses against the minority community in response to voting or not voting for a particular party and favoring a particular candidate.
HRSS claims that due to voting in the eagle symbol in Enayetpur and Belkuchi of Sirajganj, the local Awami League workers-supporters attacked the minority communities of Jelepara and Bhangabari villages and vandalized idols and houses, looted and took cattle.
At least six houses of minority Hindu community were vandalized in Tantipara in Chapainawabganj-1 constituency. 50 Hindu families of Kushtia’sKumarkhali have been blocked for the last 7 days. Two people were attacked after voting at Tenai Tola Primary School center in Thakurgaon-1 Constituency. In Comilla Daudkandi, two supporters of the Eagle symbol, Piplu Saha and Ranjan Saha, were hacked and injured.
15 minorities in Majhipara were attacked and injured in their houses for supporting independent candidate AK Azad in Faridpur-3 constituency. In Gaibandha-5 Constituency, 4 Hindu houses were raided and about 5 lakh cash and cattle were taken away. Apart from this, activists and supporters of the ruling party attacked members of the Bede community in Madaripur’s Kalkini and minority communities in various parts of the country including Jhenaidah.
HRSS has expressed concern over these incidents. They demanded that the government and the relevant law enforcement agencies take into account all the incidents of election violence and quickly and impartially investigate and bring the culprits to justice.
Post-voting violence
The internal conflict in the ruling Awami League has come to the fore again around the elections. Ahead of the polls, there have been incidents of counter-threats and even clashes between supporters of party nominees and independent candidates in various parts of the country. On the day of the polls, there was a show of arms, some clashes. However, after the election, the conflict has turned into a loss of life, which worries the ruling Awami League.
Several leaders of the policy-making level of the party said that the central leaders of the party are talking to the district-upazila leaders and giving instructions to stop the conflict between them. Apart from this, the local administration is taking action according to the law in every incident.
According to reports from various districts and upazilas, four people have been killed in Noakhali, Madaripur, Netrakona and Jhenaidah since the day of voting in the 12th National Assembly elections on January 7. Several hundred people were injured. Almost all of the attackers, victims and injured-killed in these incidents are leaders, workers and supporters of Awami League. They are involved in conflict for boats and independent candidates.
Awami League party sources say that after the vote, the newly elected members of parliament came to Dhaka to take oath. After that cabinet swearing in, victory celebrations are going on. Members of parliament and cabinet members are also busy with various formalities in Dhaka. As a result, a kind of leadership vacuum is created in the constituencies. On this occasion, activists-supporters are getting involved in conflict in the polling field out of anger towards each other.
The non-governmental organization Human Rights Support Society (HRSS) compiled data on post-election violence. According to the organization’s calculations, at least 6 people have died in clashes and conflicts in various districts of the country since the election till last Monday. More than 400 people were injured in these incidents. More than 60 people were shot. During this time, more than 200 houses and businesses were vandalized, set on fire and looted. According to them, conflict has been reported in at least 18 districts.

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