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Bangladesh - January 25, 2022

Bangabandhu National Stadium to be decorated at a cost of Tk 96 cr

Staff Correspondent: The renovation is going on in Bangabandhu National Stadium named after the father of the nation. Work is underway to modernize the stadium at a cost of about Tk 96 crore. The country’s main sports venue is expected to be rebuilt by December this year.
If you enter the Bangabandhu National Stadium and keep an eye on the field, you will think it is a cultivated land. No grass, no athletics tracks around. Mounds of soil here and there. The environment is not conducive to play at all. Looking at the work around, it is understood that something huge is going to happen here.
However, the project time may be increased to six months. Expenses may increase with that. “The project started in July 2019,” Sukumar Saha, assistant director (planning and development) of the National Sports Council, told. It is supposed to be completed by 31st December this year. However, the time may increase to 6 months.
‘Because there are plans to have sheds in the entire gallery of the stadium where there are projects. Now we are planning to complete the shed. That will increase our time. Because, for the rest of the shed, a new tender has to be called. ‘
The interior and exterior of this venue, the country’s main sporting venue, was not at all elegant. The interior and exterior of this venue, the country’s main sporting venue, was not at all elegant. There were broken chairs here and there in the gallery, the athletic tracks around the football field were patched up. The drainage system of the field was also not improved, if it rained, the water would freeze. In the monsoon season the game was played on a muddy field.
Broken chair down. The open sky above. Sometimes the body is burning in the sun, sometimes the whole body is soaking in the rain. Even then the spectators watched the football game. The spectators do not have to sit in the gallery of Bangabandhu National Stadium in such a situation. No matter the sun, storm or rain, everyone can sit in the gallery of Home of Football and watch the game without any hindrance.
Renovation work is going on keeping the existing structure of the stadium intact. Field development, construction of sheds in galleries, installation of chairs in galleries, modernization of toilets for international and local players, installation of floodlights, installation of CCTV cameras, installation of generators, installation of LED giant screens, installation of new athletic tracks, installation of digital advertising boards, creation of media centers, ticket counters, Dope Test Room Building, Medical Room, VIP Box Construction, President Box,Toilet development, medical equipment, sub-station equipment, AC and solar panel supply – these are the works involved in the renovation of the stadium.
Bangabandhu National Stadium has been renovated many times since its construction. However, every time the reform has been done in front of one or another international or domestic tournament. The stadium was renovated in 2011 at a cost of around Tk 32 crore for the ICC Cricket World Cup.
The National Sports Council is not renovating the stadium on the occasion of any specific tournament. Apart from football and athletic games, various national level events are also held here. Bangabandhu Stadium is the center of the country’s sports zone. Considering the importance, the government is undergoing major renovations to this stadium named after the father of the nation.
In 2016, when the DPP (Development Project Proposal) was prepared by the National Sports Council for the renovation of the stadium, the budget was around Tk 60 crore. The DPP was formed to complete the reforms by June 2019. But at the direction of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the National Sports Council changed the stadium renovation plan. So that the expenditure increases to a little more than Tk 96 crore.
High quality new chairs will be installed in general gallery and VIP gallery. Folding chairs will be placed in the VIP gallery. The floodlights in the stadium will be replaced. However, the floodlight tower will remain unchanged. Only the lamp will be replaced.
After the completion of the renovation Football and athletics will return here once the renovation of this main sports venue named after the father of the nation is completed.

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