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Corporate - April 12, 2023

Bangabazar tradersstart business byplacing bedsteads

Staff Correspondent: The businessmen affected by the fire in the capital’s Bangabazar have set up bedsteads and started business temporarily. This is their temporary stay to make up for some losses before Eid for the time being.
Yesterday, after visiting the Bangabazar fire site, it was seen that there were no burnt piles, tin, or irons in the open area in the Bangabazar complex. Instead, the place has been leveled by placing bricks and sprinkling sand. And the traders there have started the business by setting up bedsteads in an open space of 1.79 acres. However, it has not yet been seen to give a triple on the head or anything else.
From this morning, it can be seen that the traders are bringing bedsteads on their heads. Then they set up bedsteads at the place shown by the Bangabazar Shop Owners Association. The traders are getting a spot where their shops were before the fire. Some people are also starting to sell clothes by arranging various clothes on the bedsteads. Leaders of the Bangabazar Complex Shop Owners Association were seen supervising it.
Besides, talking to the leaders of Bangbazar Complex Shop Owners Association, it is learned that 2,961 traders have been affected in the four markets of Bangbazar Complex. So for now they plan to place only 2,961 posts. So that no trader is deprived.
Md. Sirajul Islam had a shop named ‘Sourav Garments’ of lungi, genji, and winter clothes in the Bangabazar complex. The shop was gutted in the fire. The loss is around Tk 15 lakh.
He said that nothing could be saved in the fire. Now bring the rest of the products from the party and sit here temporarily. We used to have good business before Eid. Even if it is not now, there will be arrangements for eating and livelihood later.
Another businessman named Md. Delwar said that the shop owner association and the city corporation allowed us to sit here temporarily and it has been very beneficial. Otherwise, he could not survive before Eid.
When asked about not providing anything to shade the head, the traders said that bedsteads are being installed for the time being. Then if the owner association does not arrange something to shade the head, then we will do it ourselves.
Meanwhile, Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) Mayor Barrister Sheikh Fazle Noor Taposh will formally inaugurate the business start-up activities by setting up these temporary bedsteads for traders at around 12 pm yesterday.
“For now we are working on setting up the bedsteads,” said Md. Zahirul Islam, general secretary of the Bangbazar Complex Shop Owners Association.
Earlier on Tuesday (April 4) at 6:10 am, the fire service received information about the fire in Bangabazar. Around 8 am, 41 units of the fire service went to the scene. After that, the fire service reported that 43 units went there. After about six and a half hours of efforts by 48 units, the fire was brought under control at 12:36 pm. Then on Friday (April 7) morning, the fire service announced that the fire was completely extinguished.
A total of seven markets in the Bangabazar area were burnt in the fire. Of these, four are complete and three are partial. The markets are – Banga Islamia Market, Banga Homeo Complex, Bangabazar Market, Annexco Tower, Mahanagar Shopping Complex, Adarsha Market, and Gulistan Market.
DSCC’s probe body in this incident said in their final report that a total of 3,845 traders were affected by the fire. Among them, the number of affected traders in four markets of the Bangabazar complex is 2,961.

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