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Bangladesh - December 11, 2023

Bangladesh discovers oil reserve in gas well

600 barrels to be found daily

Zarif Mahmud: Gas as well as fuel oil has been found in well number 10 (exploration well) of Sylhet gas field. State Minister for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Nasrul Hamid said that oil will be available at the rate of 500 to 600 barrels per day from here. During the month of victory, he also mentioned that it is “great news” for everyone. He made this announcement in a press conference at the Secretariat yesterday.
Sylhet Gas Fields Limited Company started drilling two months ago in Bagher Road area of Alirgao Union of GoainghatUpazila along Sylhet Tamabil-Jaflong highway. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina officially inaugurated the well on November 14.
In the press conference, the state minister said that the excavation of Sylhet-10 gas well at a depth of 2,576 meters has been completed. Three layers of gas were found in the well. The lowest level of this, from 2,540 to 2,550 meters, has been tested and has yielded 25 million cubic feet of gas; Its flowing pressure is 3 thousand 250 PSI. Gas reserves range from 43 to 100 billion cubic feet.
In addition, another good gas layer has been found at a depth of 2,460 to 2,475 meters, he said, “If we test here, we expect to find 25 to 30 million cubic feet of gas.” And the presence of gas is also found at a depth of 2,290 to 2,310 meters.
Apart from gas, another zone has been found at a depth of 1,397 to 1,445 meters above, said the state minister. He said, where the presence of oil was found by testing last Friday (December 8). Its initial API gravity is 29.7 degrees. 35 barrels of oil flow per hour is available at self-pressure. Once the test is completed, the total oil reserves will be known.
Stating that this well will sustain for about 8 to 10 years if it is produced simultaneously, the state minister said, ‘Its value as weighted average price is about 8,500 crores. If producing at the rate of 20 million cubic feet, the well will sustain for more than 15 years.
Referring to the fact that oil was found in Haripur in 1986, the state minister said, “The durability of that well was five years. The gravity there was found to be API gravity 27 degrees. This time the oil reserves are available. The oil has been sent to the laboratory for testing. Its API gravity is 29.7 degrees.
On the first day, 70 barrels of oil were extracted in two hours, he said, “We have stopped oil extraction for the time being. It has to be tested further, we will know the total amount of reserves. It will take another four to five months to know the details of the whole matter.
Referring to the different levels of gas and oil in this well, the state minister said, “One good aspect here is that the levels of gas and oil are different. Earlier we used to get some oil along with the gas. which we used as a condenser. Now that the oil is a different layer, it will be better.’

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