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Diplomatic - July 2, 2021

Bangladesh envoy to Saudi requests import of RMG

Industry Desk: Bangladesh’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia proposed import garments, handicrafts, and leather goods from Bangladesh.
On June 30, a meeting was held among Dr. Abdul Hakim Al Khaldi, Chairman of the Eastern Chamber of Commerce of Saudi Arabia, Secretary-General Abdul Rahman Al Wabel and Bangladesh’s Ambassador Dr. Mohammad Jabed Patwari BPM (Bar).
In the meeting, Jabed Patwari asserted Bangladesh is currently the second-largest exporter of garments in the world and has been manufacturing and exporting approximately all the mandatory quality garments. Hence, Saudi Arabia can import any type of quality garment from Bangladesh. Moreover, Patwari also said that Bangladesh’s handicrafts and leather products are of very advanced and modern quality, and wished to import these products to the Kingdom.
Bangladesh’s Ambassador also invocated for increasing bilateral relations between the two countries in numerous sectors containing ceramics, agriculture, and fisheries. Bringing out the success of Bangladesh’s IT sector at the meeting, the Ambassador called for Saudi Arabia to take up IT services through outsourcing.
The Secretary-General of the Chamber assured assistance in importing Bangladeshi products as per the demand of Saudi Arabia.
At the time, the Ambassador requested the investment in Bangladesh, referring to numerous facilities for foreign investors to invest and conduct business. He also informed the Secretary-General of the Chamber that Bangladesh is contemplated a very attractive investment destination for investors.
The modern law on business registration for foreigners in Saudi Arabia is an extraordinary opportunity for Bangladeshi businessmen. This law has permitted Bangladeshi immigrant businessmen to execute business legally in their name, which will generate an advantageous business environment for them.
The Chairman of the Chamber expressed interest in discussing the new law with the embassy for the convenience of Bangladeshi businessmen. He also promised to help Bangladeshi immigrants to learn about the new business registration law.
Note that the Chamber of Commerce in the eastern part of Saudi Arabia is one of the institutions of the ancient Gulf region. About 1 lakh 20 thousand traders are register RMG ed in this Chamber.
The Ambassador welcomed the two countries to explore mutual benefits for the implementation of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and Bangladesh’s Vision 2041 in the prospective days to increase trade and investment in various sectors as well as to facilitate business visits and business growth between the two countries.
Referring to Saudi Arabia as a genuine friend of Bangladesh, the Ambassador sought the assistance of Saudi businessmen in implementing Bangladesh’s vision.

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