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Bangladesh - Diplomatic - April 12, 2023

Bangladesh got 75 decimal land in Dhamoirhat border

Naogaon Correspondent: After nearly 50 years of dispute, the Bangladesh government has obtained ownership of 75 centuries of land in the Agradigun border of Dhamoirhat upazila in Naogaon. To mark this occasion, a flag meeting was held between the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and the Indian Border Guard Force (BSF) at the border. The meeting took place yesterdayafternoon at the Agradvigun Ramchandrapur football ground on the Dhamoirhat border.
Sources from the 14 BGB have reported that the dispute was centered around land near sub-pillar 20 of main pillar 257 in Agradigun border. This land was situated within 100 yards of Bangladesh, and Bangladeshi farmers had been cultivating there. To resolve the issue, the BGB requested a flag meeting with the BSF, which was subsequently held.
The flag meeting was conducted between the 14 BGB Patnitala Battalion and the 164 Battalion BSF Aradpur on Wednesday from 11 am to 1 pm at the Ramchandrapur football ground in Agradigun Union, near border pillar 258/6-S within Bangladesh. The six-member BGB delegation was led by Lt. Col. Md Hamid Uddin, the captain of 14 BGB Patnitala Battalion, while the 12-member BSF was led by Commandant of Aradpur 164 Battalion, Shri Sanjay Kumar Mishra.

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