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Bangladesh sizzles in highest temperature recorded in 52 years

Staff Correspondent: As moderate to severe heatwaves bake the country, including the capital Dhaka, Bangladesh experienced its highest temperature in the last 52 years at 43.7°C in Chuadanga at 3pm on Tuesday.
Rajshahi sizzled in 45.1°C temperature on May 18, 1972, after independence, the highest in recorded history of Bangladesh.
The previously second highest temperature was recorded on May 1, 1995 at 43.5°C. But now it has moved to the third spot.
The Bangladesh Meteorological Department on Sunday issued a heat alert for the fifth time across the country and said there was no possibility of a decrease in the intensity of the heat without heavy rain.
Chuadanga earlier on May 4, 1989, saw a temperature of 43.3°C, which is the fourth highest in the history of Bangladesh. Notably, 38°C to 39.9°C is called a moderate heatwave and 36°C to 37.9°C is called a mild heatwave. Temperatures between 40°C to 41.9°C are called severe heatwaves, and when the temperature rises above 42°C, it is called an extreme heatwave.

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