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Biz World - August 31, 2022

BD continues to remain top denim shipper to USA

Industry Desk: Bangladesh continues to persist as the top denim exporter to the USA. The recently released statistics by OTEXA showed that in H1 (January-June) of 2022 Bangladesh exported $445.50 million worth of apparel items. Witnessing a 57% growth in the period.
OTEXA data showed that overall the USA imported $2 billion worth of denim in H1 ‘22, recording a 42.62% annual growth.
Mexico exported $362 million worth of denim garments to the USA market and upheld its second position, growing by 26.46 percent annually.
While Pakistan witnessed the highest growth rate with 60.80 percent yearly during H1 ‘22 period. Earning $242.76 million by exporting denim products. Among the other top 5 countries, Vietnam and China recorded $218 million and $188.24 million by exporting denim apparel to the USA market. Both the country witnessed 44.57% and 26.42% yearly growth, respectively.

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