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Health - June 14, 2022

BD ranks 177 out of 180 countries in environmental index

Special Correspondent: Bangladesh ranks 16th out of 180 countries in the world in the Environmental Performance Index. Neighboring India is at the bottom of the list. Another neighboring Pakistan is one step above Bangladesh. This information has come up in the recently published Environmental Performance Index (EPI) biennial report.
EPI-2022 is based on the comparison and analysis of environmental performance of 180 countries of the world. In recent years, Yale University and Columbia University in the United States have ranked this ranking on the basis of environmental performance in different countries. The report also paints a picture of how the ecological status of these countries has changed over the past decade.
In this year’s ranking, Denmark is at the top in terms of environmental performance. Their EPI score is 8.90. The Scandinavian country’s EPI score has risen 14.90 over the past decade. The United Kingdom is in the second position with 7.60 points. They have improved by 23 points in one decade.
The other countries in the top ten are Finland, Malta, Sweden, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland and Iceland. Their points are 7.50, 65.20, 72.60, 72.30, 7.30, 7.50, 85.90 and 72.60.
France is 12th, Germany 13th, Australia 16th, Italy 23rd, New Zealand 26th, United Arab Emirates 39th and United States 43rd.
Japan is on top of all the Asian countries. Their position is 25th with 56.20 points. Singapore is in 44th place with 50.90 points.
Afghanistan is the most war-torn country in South Asia. They are joint 61st with Brazil and Jordan with 43.60 points. In the last one decade, the environmental point of Afghanistan has increased by 23.90.
Bhutan has lost 6.90 points in a decade and is ranked 65th. Their current point is 42.50. The landlocked country Maldives ranks 113th on the list. Besides, Sri Lanka is 132nd, Nepal is 172nd, Pakistan is 16th, Bangladesh is 16th and India is 160th.
Bangladesh’s point in environmental performance is 23.10. In the last one decade, the country’s points have decreased by 1.90. In this case Pakistan got 24.60. Their points have increased by 1.40 in one decade. Neighboring India, however, lost 0.70 points to a low of 16.90.
Bangladesh has lost 4.40 points in the last one decade in the vitality of the ecosystem. In this regard, the country’s collection is 29.40 points and the position is 159th.
Bangladesh has lost 16.60 points in ecosystem services in the last one decade. In this regard, their collection is 14.90 points, position 155th. After losing 10 points in a decade in Fisheries, Bangladesh’s collection is 35.10, position is 20th. In the last one decade, after losing 14.60 points in acidification, Bangladesh is in the 169th position, collecting 25.60 points.
In the last one decade, Bangladesh’s points in health have increased by 2.70 to 16.10, the position is 16th. In terms of air quality, Bangladesh’s points have increased by 0.20 in the last one decade. With 14.40 points, their position is 173rd. In terms of drinking pure water, Bangladesh has increased by 5.60 points in the last one year. The country ranks 129th in the list with 26.40 points.
In controlling the presence of heavy metals in the environment, in the last one decade, Bangladesh’s points have increased by 9.40 to 22.60, standing at 182nd position. Bangladesh has also improved waste management. In the last one decade, the collection of Bangladesh has increased by one point 10.50, the position is 180th.
There has been some deterioration in climate policy. In this regard, Bangladesh has lost 1.60 points in the last one decade. Their position is now 161st with 16.60 points.

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