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Bangladesh - March 26, 2022

Beef price reached to Tk 800 per kg!

Essentials prices out of touch

Golam Mostafa Jibon: The prices of essential commodities have gone out of touch to the poor and middle-class people due to lack of proper monitoring by the authorities concerned. Meanwhile, the price of meat has reached to Tk 800 in less than two weeks.
Experts said, lack of right political will and fair commitment of the current government is the main reason behind the unbridled price hike of daily necessary commodities.
If the necessary steps are not taken right now in this regard, the livelihoods of the poor and low-income group of people will be unbearable shortly that may cause of creating anarchy in the political arena. Several anti-government political parties may make it issue with a view to destroy the peace and harmony of the country. It may lead several movements on streets by anti-Awami League political wings.
While talking, some vendors said that, every year two city corporations set the price of meat during the Ramadan. But this time, the price went up before beginning of Ramadan and fixing the prices by the authorities concerned.
Apart from that, the city corporation has not yet been taken any step. Even two weeks ago, the price of beef in different parts of the capital was 580 per kg. After Shab-e-Barat, it has reached to Tk 700 on the pretext of fasting. Somewhere, it is being sold at Tk 800. The price of beef has gone up by from Tk 120 to Tk 220 per kg in less than two weeks. Chicken is not lagging behind in the competition of price hiking. The price of chicken has gone up by Tk 20 per kg, but the prices of some varieties of vegetables have come down a little bit. Such a picture was found while visiting different markets of the capital yesterday (Friday),also the weekly holiday.
Meat sellers said that, every year during Ramadan, the two city corporations fix the price of meat, but this time the price has gone up before it is fixed. But, there is no one to take the matter on head. Beef price has reached to Tk 700 per kg, somewhere at Tk 800. Poultry market is higher than the before. The price has gone up one point due to high demand. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals.
During a spot visit to different kitchen markets yesterday, this correspondent found that, beef was sold between Tk 700 and Tk 800 per kg on the basis of area, meat of goat was sold between Tk 980 and Tk 1,000 per kg, while Sonali chicken was sold at Tk 320 per kg.
Abdur Rouf, meat seller of RampuraBaza’ar said that, the price of meat has gone up by one point during Shab-e-Barat. But, the prices did not decrease since then.
“We bring it from the wholesale market with high prices. Consequently, we are forced to sale on high rates. The price of beef has gone up abnormally as the month of Ramadan is approaching fast. Due to high demand of beef in Ramadan, the price goes up each year. But, there is no control of any authorities concerned. If proper monitoring was ensured, such situation would not create.”
Lokman Hossain, a service holder of a corporate house said, “The situation is getting worse day by day due to indifferent of the government in this regard. As the prices of all commodities are going up everyday in different pretexts, there is no peace in the market and in the mind of people. I don’t even have the ability to buy a little bit of meat.
Rahmatullah Al-Amin, a buyer said, “The price of meat is rising sharply. Consequently, many people are losing affordability to purchase meat in which their children are facing nutrition crisis. All the markets are being controlled by syndicate. They are increasing prices of different essentials on different pleas. As a result, businessmen including some MPs, Ministers and political big fishes are being benefited much more. But, the forehead of low income people is burning every day.”
Ramakanta Das, a vendor at Karwan Bazar said, “The prices are increased on the excuse of short supply. But this time, supply of all commodities is usual. However, a section of traders is working behind it with the aim to make money overnight.”
Manisha Sarker, a female buyer, who went to Dhanmondi kitchen market yesterday to purchase some commodities, told The Daily Industry that, “I am apprehending that, the prices of those commodities may go up further during the Ramadan and eve of the Eid-ul-Fitr. If my presumption is correct, carrying livelihoods will be very difficult for even middle class people.”

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