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District - Power & Energy - December 20, 2023

Bhola liquefied gas coming from today

Farhad Chowdhury: Intraco Refueling Station plc listed in the stock market is going to bring liquid gas (compressed natural gas) from Bhola to Dhaka from today on December 21.
Sundarban Gas Company Limited said that CNG gas supply to the customers of Titas Gas Company will be inaugurated also today.
CNG is another form of natural gas which is lighter in weight than air. Compressed by pressure, liquid can be stored in the tank. From bottle to cylinder will be delivered to the customer at the customer’s end again at the previous condition (15 psi). RC (Regulating Control Unit) has also been installed at designated customer end for this purpose.
Pradeep Ranjan Kundu, general manager of Sundarban Gas Company Limited, said that Intraco will transport 5 million per day first. The inauguration is scheduled for Thursday. However, he could not give any information about which route will be given to which customer.
Intraco Refueling Station PLC Managing Director Riyad said, we have already completed successful tests. Preparations have been made for the official opening from Thursday. It will continue to come from here on. First gas is being given to Graphics Textile Limited.
Earlier on May 21 this year Sundarban Gas Company Limited and Intraco Refueling Station PLC signed the agreement. Under the agreement, the company will transport Bhola’s surplus 25 million cubic feet (daily) of gas in the form of CNG and supply it to the areas covered by Titas Gas. Intraco will buy at Tk 17 per cubic meter and sell at Tk 47.60 per cubic meter.
At the signing ceremony of the agreement, the Prime Minister’s adviser on electricity, energy and mineral resources, Tawfiq E-Ilahi Chowdhury, said that it is the government’s main goal to solve the current problems and move forward. This gas will be supplied in those areas where gas problem is more. This will not only increase the supply but also eliminate the crisis.
On that occasion, Chairman of PetrobanglaJanendra Nath Sarkar said, we will be able to bring 5 million cubic feet of gas in a very short period of time, later another 20 million cubic feet will come. Bhola area has gas reserves of 2.04 trillion cubic feet. Where 60 to 65 million cubic feet of gas per day is remaining surplus.
He informed that we are producing about 2200-2250 million cubic feet of gas daily. Against this the demand is around 4 thousand. We can import 1000 daily with two FSRUs. Still there is a deficit of 1 thousand. Industrial establishments around Dhaka and Tangail area are suffering from low pressure problem. This gas will be given where there is low pressure.
Besides Bhola, the government also wants to bring gas in the form of CNG (compressed natural gas) from Jokiganj. This work is also under consideration to be given to Intraco Refueling Station Plc. In June 2021, the state-owned Bangladesh Petroleum Exploration and Production Company (BAPEX) discovered the gas field in Jokiganj, Sylhet. It has been announced as the 28th gas field of Bangladesh. 68 BCF (billion cubic feet) gas reserves are estimated in 4 layers. Bapex expects to deliver 12 million cubic feet of gas per day from the well. Biyanibazar is 32 km away from this new field and Golapganj is 40 km away.
29 gas fields have been discovered in Bangladesh. Proved reserves in these fields are estimated at 20.55 tcf (trillion cubic feet), with potential and probable reserves estimated to be around 8 tcf. About 19 TCF of gas has been extracted so far. About 1 TCF of gas is being extracted every year leaving only 8 years of gas reserves.

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