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Corporate - August 11, 2021

Capital backs to normalcy despite massive virus spread

Staff Correspondent:The government has relaxed Covid-19 strict lockdown after 19 days as offices, factories and public transports resume from yesterday. With the resumption of offices and public transports, the capital Dhaka has returned to its original form.
Visiting different areas of the Capital on Wednesday morning our correspondent reported that traffic congestion intensified in many roads although the government has asked the bus owners to run half of the transports. However, the competition has been seen among same route bus drivers. The Cabinet Division on August 8, in a circular, allowed public transports to carry passengers at full capacity but said half of the total number of vehicles would be allowed to operate. But the scenario was different as the number of buses on the road was higher.
Russell Ahmed, a commuter at the Uttara Khilkhet bus stand in the capital, said some during the strict lockdown he had a home office. But now he has to go to the office as the government has relaxed strict lockdown and buses start operation. Mamun Mia, a driver of Ajmeri Glory, said the number of people on the road was high and there were enough buses. However, the number of passengers is very low.
According to the terminal authorities, the pressure of passenger transport may increase further as the day progresses.
The government declared a nationwide strict lockdown on July 1 to curb coronavirus infections. However, on the occasion of Eid, the restrictions were relaxed from midnight on July 14 to 6am on July 23. After Eid, the restriction was enforced again from July 23 to August 5. It was later extended to August 10 at midnight, which has been relaxed since yesterday morning.

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