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Bangladesh - June 22, 2021

Cashmere goats reared commercially in Domar

Nilphamari Correspondent: Ratan Chakraborty, a resident of Harinchara UP of the upazila, started the farm with eight Cashmere goats. People are flocking to his farm daily to see these goats which rarely breed in Bangladesh.
Ratan Chakraborty said he kept different breeds of goats. Eight years ago, a Cashmere goat weighing 40-kg caught his eye at Syedpur Dhelapir Hat, but could not buy this at that time due to a money shortage. Later, he bought another goat of Cashmere breed with Tk 38,000.
He said his interest in keeping other breeds of goats was declined and used to raise Cashmere goats by selling other breeds of goats. “Although I started rearing Cashmere as a hobby, now I am rearing these commercially,” he told the on-spot visit correspondent.
Goatherd Ratan Chakraborty said he had six baby goats on his farm. However, after taking the initiative to breed, he got into big trouble as there are no male goats. He had to go to Syedpur for male goat seeds.
Having started commercially, Ratan said he currently has taken the initiative to raise male goats too. A Cashmere goat gives two baby goats. The mother goat gives 2-2.5 kg of milk at a time. He added that he had sold two Cashmere goats – one weighed 82kg and the other weighed 75kg – for Tk 1.65 lakh on the last Eid-ul-Adha. This year, he raised four goats for sale on Eid-ul-Adha.
Ratan Chakraborty informed that Cashmere goats are eating husks, corn plants. However, those foreign goats sleep comfortably on the stool. Although these goats are not suffered from major diseases, they always suffering from mild fever and anorexia.

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