October 03, 2023
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  • Country may witness 70pc surplus electricity in winter

    Staff Correspondent: More than two-thirds of the total power generation capacity will remain idle this coming winter, as more power is added to the national grid from the private sector pushing up the capacity payment obligation of the government.It comes at a time when already the government’s outstanding bills to…

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  • Trade deficit reduced but fiscal deficit large

    Farhad Chowdhury: As a result of the restrictive measures against the dollar crisis, imports fell. At the same time exports and remittances are increasing. Due to this, Bangladesh’s trade and current account deficit with the outside world has decreased a lot. However, the country’s financial deficit has been created due…

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  • Reserves in danger zone

    Stood at $21.48 b Staff Correspondent: The country’s reserves have further decreased. According to IMF’s BPM-6 manual, foreign exchange reserves in the country are now $21.48 billion. However, according to gross or Bangladesh Bank, the amount of reserves stands at $27.61 billion.Bangladesh Bank has paid $1.30 billion for July-August import…

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  • Common people falling prey to online fraudsters

    Cyber crime issues Staff Correspondent: Asif Alam Shimanto is a college student who was allured by advertisements on YouTube and downloaded an app called “Taka Kamai “. He wanted some easy money and therefore invested around Tk5,000. He was supposed to get more than the invested amount back in two…

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  • CAMELS evaluation method

    Enayet Karim: The criteria for measuring the performance of all the commercial banks including capital adequacy, asset quality, management soundness, earnings & profitability, liquidity and sensitivity to market risk (CAMELS) are as follows;Capital: In capital adequacy, only when a bank’s risk weighted asset to capital and reserve kept properly then…

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  • What provoked ethnic violence in Manipur?

    Asifiqbal Thakoor, Delhi: At least 120 people have been killed since May in armed clashes in Manipur, a remote state in northeast India with a history of ethnic conflict.Soldiers were rushed in from other parts of the country to contain the violence, and months later a curfew and internet shutdown…

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  • Major Mannan defaulted Tk 52.25 cr in Dhaka Bank

    Ayub Ali, Chittagong: The Sunman Group of Industries owned by the General Secretary of Bikolpo Dhara and businessman Major (Retd.) Abdul Mannan of the is a defaulting customer in several commercial banks and financial institutions. Pioneer Dresses Limited, Delta Fashion Limited and Sunflower Garment Limited are new additions to the…

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  • PM inaugurates 27 dev projects in Rangpur

    Rangpur Correspondent: Prime minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday inaugurated 27 newly constructed development schemes and laid foundation stone of five others, including Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Novo Theatre, at a cost of over Tk 2000 crore in the district.She opened the development projects at a grand rally at the Rangpur Zilla…

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  • Petrobangla not paying over Tk 22,584cr VAT

    Petrobangla bank account may freeze again Zarif Mahmud: NBR is facing many questions and difficult challenges of not being able to collect the overdue revenue of government institutions. According to the latest calculations, the amount due to Petrobangla from 2009 to July 2021 is Tk 22,584.54 crore.NBR’s Large Tax Paying…

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  • Adani Group offers to export another1,600 MW power to Bangladesh

    Staff Correspondent: India’s Adani Group has placed a fresh proposal to export another 1,600 MW of electricity to Bangladesh, a source in the power division told the news agency recently.“The entire amount of electricity will be from renewable sources. Of this, 1,000 MW is solar power while the remaining 600…

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