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Bangladesh - April 29, 2024

Cattle farmers in danger before quarbani Eid

Fears huge loss for heatwave

Zarif Mahmud: Aziz Molla, a farmer of Char Sandashia village in Pabna, prepared 10 cows for this year’s Qurbani Eid. In the last two weeks in the heat wave, three of his cows died in front of his eyes. In summer, more than 30 cows died in this way in two weeks in the entire upazila.
Small and big farmers all over the country are in such danger like Aziz Molla. Due to the intensity of heat, cows are constantly dying, the weight of cows is decreasing. Milk production is disrupted. Cows are suddenly aborting in many places. Repeated bathing, placing jute sacks in rice tins, feeding saline and glucose and fanning the situation could not be controlled. Due to such a disaster in the dairy sector, farmers are worried before Eid-ul-Azha. Their dream of profit is now a molasses. The field level officers of the Department of Livestock are not with the farmers in such a difficult time. Centrally the Directorate is settling the liability with some suggestions.
More than 55 thousand farmers are members of Bangladesh Dairy Farmers Association (BDFA). According to BDFA information, around 1.2 crore animals have been prepared for the sacrifice. However, more than 99 percent of the animals lost weight within 15 days in summer. Depending on the size of the cow-buffalo, the weight has decreased from 30 to 70 kg. Milk production from each cow decreased by 20 to 25 percent. Apart from this, 2000 cows died due to heat, loadshedding and blight disease in different farms of the country. More than 1,000 cows aborted at seven-eight months. Costs on farms to keep cows healthy have increased by at least 20 percent.
Karandhar Akbar Alam of Feed and Fresh Agro of Keraniganj said that there are 700 cows in his farm. Even a month ago, two thousand liters of milk was available daily. Now 1,800 liters are being produced. Regarding the weight loss, he said, the cow which weighed 1 thousand 120 kg during fasting, I saw the weight of that cow the day before yesterday was 1,110 kg. By now the weight of the cow was supposed to be more than 1,200 kg. Lost 60-70 kg weight in 15 days.
Pabna Bara Upazila Livestock Officer Dr. Mizanur Rahman said, to check why cows are dying, samples have been collected and sent to the laboratory of Sirajganj Regional Livestock Research Center. Leaflets are being distributed on things to do in heat waves. Regular advice and guidance is given in several meetings. However, many farmers of Char Nakalia, Char Sandashia, Haturia, Nakalia, Pechakola of the upazila said that they have not received any such leaflet or advisory guidance from the Livestock Office. Treatment is being given to village veterinarians without the support of upazila livestock.
Abdus Sattar, a farmer of Char Sandashia village, said that in the last 15 days, more than 1,000 cows and goats have been infected with unknown diseases in Char Nakalia and Char Sandashia villages. Cows first develop fever, cough, difficulty in breathing and shivering and then stop eating and drinking and eventually become weak and die. Many farmers panic and sell their cattle and goats in the local bazaar.
13 cows died in Gaibandha in three days. Six cows died in the farm of farmer Joha Mia of Vita village in North Gidari tree of the district. 26 cows of 18 farmers died due to an unknown disease in Shailmari village of Elangi union of Dhunat in Bogra. At least 20 cows died in Rangpur in 10 days.
At least 10 farmers of five districts have complained that the Department of Livestock is not on the side of the farmers even in such danger. They say, medicine and treatment are not enough without money. Abdul Latif, a farmer of Chuadanga, said that earlier, when cows were sick, veterinarians used to come to the farm on motorcycles. Then he had to pay Tk 500. Now a big vehicle comes to the farm in the name of mobile clinic. It costs Tk 1,500 to Tk 2,000. But this service was supposed to be provided free of charge.
BDFA president Mohammad Imran Hossain said that all farmers were preparing to fatten cows around Eid. However, due to the intensity of heat, cows and buffaloes have reduced their food. As a result, it dries naturally. Holstein Friesian cattle are the most affected. More than 1,000 cows have had abortions in seven-eight months. It is very difficult for the farmers to overcome this loss. Although modern farmers prepare in advance, most of the marginal farmers do not know what to do in case of emerging situations. On the other hand, the cost in farms to keep cows healthy has increased by at least 20 percent. However, if the weather is favorable, he thinks that he will be able to recover the damage in the few days before Eid.
Director of Livestock Directorate (Extension) Dr. Md. Shahinur Alam said, the information of cattle death is also coming to us. Actions are underway at the field level on what to do for livestock during heatwaves.
Director General of Animal Resources Department. Mohammad Rayazul Haque said, we have opened the control room and alerted the field level offices across the country to deal with the heat waves with utmost importance. They are helping farmers. 24 hours service is provided. Action will be taken if someone is negligent in the work.

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