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Bangladesh - June 25, 2023

Cattle price sky high Supply almost double

Shahin Sagor, Rajshahi: In Rajshahi there are twice as many sacrificial animals as the demand. Still, the sellers are asking for an additional price. Most of the buyers are not able to match the account due to the price. This is why sales are low. On Saturday (June 24), this image was seen by visiting the largest city animal market in Rajshahi. On the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha, a market is held here every day. Few days left of Eid. But still the cost of animals is beyond the reach of buyers.
According to the information of the District Livestock Department, indigenous cows have been meeting the demand for sacrificial animals in the district for the past few years. This time too, he was not interrupted. Animal production has increased compared to previous years. Goat production has increased the most. According to this time there are 648,000 animals that can be sacrificed. Among them, cows and buffaloes are 1,24,285; Which was one lakh 21,372 more than last year. This time there are 449,000 goats; Which was 233,235 more last year. As the supply of goats is double than last time. There are 76,305 sheep; Which was 38,245 more than last year. In total, there is a demand for 324,977 animals in the district.
Meanwhile, despite production and doubling of animals in the market, sellers are asking for much higher prices. The traders claim that they are adjusting the price by coordinating with the production cost. They say that the price of beef has increased several times due to various reasons including the Corona crisis. The asking price of the animal as cost is not that much.
Talking to the traders, it is known that the district has very good quality animals for sacrifice. But the demand for big cows and buffaloes is very less. Medium and small cows are in high demand.
Golam Mostafa, a farmer of Paba upazila who came to sell cows at the city market, said that he has 30 cows. All of them weigh more than five maunds. The price you are asking so far is according to the meat market. But this is also true, the price of cattle is higher this time when the price of beef increases. No one will sell animals at a loss.
Most of the buyers are not able to match the account due to the price
Ainal Haque, a cow trader in Damkura, said, “Most of the cows in the market are kept at home. No cows outside. Because of this, I am getting a fair price for the animal. This time the price of cattle is high everywhere. We are buying at a higher price and selling at a lower profit.
Sagar Ahmed, who came to buy cows at this market, said that seven people sacrifice animals every year. This time too. The price of animals is very high. It may increase further, so they have come to buy in advance. Compared to other years, each person has to add five-seven thousand rupees more.
This time, the demand for sacrificial animals is twice as high, the district livestock officerZulfikar Md. Akhtar Hossain said, “Last year, 324,977 animal skins were collected during Eid-ul-Azha. This is the target of this year’s sacrificial demand. Accordingly, there are twice as many animals as the demand. However, the number of goats is much more than cows and buffaloes.
Akhtar Hossain said, “The price they are asking is not unusual. Because everything costs more. Most of the surplus animals will go to different parts of the country. There may be some animals. Which the farmers will keep for next year.
Rajshahi Deputy Commissioner Shamim Ahmed said that it is possible to meet the demand of sacrifice with local animals. He said, ‘There will be no need for imports. Rather, the animals here can be supplied to different parts of the country by meeting the needs of Rajshahi. And there is no chance for Indian cows to come through the border on Eid.

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