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Tk 298 cr equipment
Bangladesh - March 17, 2022

CCC wants to buy
Tk 298 cr equipment

No manpower to operate

Ayub Ali: Chattogram City Corporation (CCC) has proposed to purchase modern vehicles and equipment for the development of waste management. The expenditure has been estimated at Tk 298.31 crore. The cost is estimated to buy 541 new modern vehicles. However, the proposal does not mention any manpower or outsourcing resources to operate this equipment.
This has been proposed under the project ‘Procurement of modern equipment for development of waste management of Chattogram City Corporation’. CCC has already sent the proposal to the Planning Commission. CCC will implement the project for a period of four years after approval. However, the commission has raised questions about the project proposed by CCC without manpower. According to the Planning Commission, the project proposes to procure a large number of vehicles, which require trained drivers to operate. But the manpower structure of the project does not have the resources for manpower recruitment and outsourcing. We need to discuss how to handle a large number of vehicles. Because if there is no skilled manpower, instead of operating the equipment, it will fall. The Planning Commission has said that this could be a waste of government money.
The commission said it had proposed to buy five pickups in the project. Since there is no additional manpower in the project, the vehicles may be omitted. The market price is mentioned as the basis for the price of each item in the project. The commission wanted to know how the market price of these
international products was determined.
Joint Chief of Planning Commission (Physical Planning, Water Supply and Housing Wing-2) said Ubaidul Haque told that it has been proposed to buy modern equipment on a large scale for waste management. But manpower was not mentioned. The manpower of Chattogram City Corporation at present is doing some work. How to manage these after buying modern equipment?
If there is no manpower, these modern equipments may have fallen. This will be a waste of government money. That’s why I wanted to know about manpower from CCC.
Raising various questions about the project, the commission said that it has been proposed to purchase spare parts with each of the vehicles and equipment to be procured in the proposed project. At the same time, it will not be possible to get an accurate idea as the cost of transport equipment and spare parts will be determined.
Estimated cost of spare parts is required separately from transport equipment. At the same time, the economic life time of each instrument should be properly considered and the income and expenditure of the project should be analyzed.
As new vehicles and equipment will be procured, each vehicle and equipment will have a warranty period of at least one year. That is, the supplier will repair. For this reason, spare parts resources may be excluded from the project.
However, spare parts can be procured in limited size if absolutely necessary. Dump truck spares don’t seem to be needed. The cost estimate of the vehicle-equipment in the project has been determined by a market price verification committee. The Commission is of the view that the price verification committee should take into consideration the issues in the cost estimate and discuss the unit cost of transport equipment and the cost of spare parts.
The commission said discussions are needed on the current waste management activities of Chattogram City Corporation and the current condition of vehicles and equipment. In this case, the commission also wanted to know the plan of the city corporation regarding power generation from waste and zero waste.
According to the Planning Commission, the project of Chattogram City Corporation can approve the purchase of a maximum of Tk 20 crore.
Similarly, City Corporation cannot approve purchases above Tk 25 crore. The procurement plan has to be amended as per the latest circular issued by the finance department. The commission claims that there are various errors in the development project proposal. The project is called Dhaka City Corporation. But it will be implemented in Chattogram City Corporation.
The project mentions the fifth annual plan but now the eighth five-year plan is being implemented. The project is said to be located in Dhaka division, which needs to be rectified. Input was also not given correctly in the log frame of the project. The revenue-expenditure analysis of the project also needs to be done properly.
Excluding manpower, interest in purchasing 541 new modern vehicles and equipment
CCC is interested in buying modern equipment for waste management, not manpower. Modern equipment includes installation of 200 IP cameras, five monitoring pickups, five motorcycles, dump trucks 25-ton three ton, 25 five ton, 10 10 ton, four loaders, five skid steer loaders, two small wheel loaders, three medium wheel loaders, one amphibious. Excavator, a demolition excavator.
Also two grapple excavators, two small quality chain excavators, two medium chain excavators, two long chain excavators, two tire excavators, 11 mini garbage trippers, two medium chain dozers, two large chain dozers, two road sweeping machines, two road sweeping machines, , A cleaning jet and suction machine, 200 mobile waste containers, 10 mobile waste container carriers, three diversion tandem rollers, three strategic three wheelers and two car sheds will be constructed.
Chattogram City Corporation Chief Cleaning Officer Sheikh Mohammad in the context of raising questions in the Planning Commission about manpower. Shafiqul Mannan Siddiqui told that it is not possible to operate modern waste management equipment without manpower. We welcome the views of the Planning Commission. Manpower will be recruited as per the wishes of the Planning Commission.
According to Chattogram City Corporation sources, the project will be implemented with various objectives in mind. These include increasing the amount of waste disposal for the development of beautiful and healthy environment in CCC area, collecting waste in an environmentally friendly and standard way, arranging transportation and disposal in certain safe places and ensuring timely delivery of waste to the landfield.
Sources further said that Chattogram City Corporation is going to accept the project for various reasons. Waste management is one of the most important tasks of a corporation. With rapid population growth and economic development, the amount of waste generation is increasing day by day. CCC does not have the amount of vehicles and equipment required to remove the waste.
It is not possible to manage waste in a standard way with the equipment that the city corporation has. At present Chattogram City Corporation produces 3,083 metric tons of waste daily. Of this, one thousand 565 metric tons of waste can be removed. The remaining 1,046 metric tons of waste remains undecided, which is extremely harmful to the environment.
It is very important to buy the required number of modern equipments for the removal of these wastes. For these reasons, initiatives have been taken to formulate and implement the project titled ‘Purchase of modern vehicles and equipment for the development of waste management system of Chattogram City Corporation’. If the project is implemented, it will be possible to remove the waste completely, easily and efficiently. If waste removal is possible, Chattogram city will be a clean city. Development will improve the quality of life of the citizens.

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