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Bangladesh - September 21, 2022

Chattogram Port earns Tk 3595 cr in 2021-’22

Chattogram Bureau: Chattogram seaport earned Tk 3,585 crore in last fiscal year (2021-2022).
The port spent Tk 2520 crore as government VAT, taxes, port development projects cost, salaries and allowances of port officials and employees and municipal tax.
Excluding the above mentioned expenditure the net income of Chattogram port is 1,075 crores in the 2021-2022 fiscal, port officials said.
Earlier, the total income of the port was Tk 3,070.36 crore in 2020-21 financial year. Deducting the expenditure, the net income of the port was Tk 698 crore in 2020-202.
According to the sources, the port spent Tk 1,578 crore in the development sector, Tk 576 crore as government revenue, Tk 42 crore as the municipal taxes and Tk 180 crores as salaries and allowances of officials and employees from the income of the port in the 2021-22 fiscal. Chattogram Port has earned the income from various sources including berthing rent of jetty, key gantry crane (QGC) charge, crane charge, berthing, un-berthing and piloting fees, tugboat rent, water supply to vessel, cargo landing charge, shipping charge, removal charge, storage charge, terminal charge, staffing-un-staffing charges, electric charges, income in FDR sector, rent of port spaces and establishment, the sources said. Omar Faruk, secretary of Chattogram Port Authority (CPA) said that more profit has been earned this year compared than last year’s.
The profit will be spent on the development project of the port, he added.
The port secretary said the cost of procurement, repair and maintenance of the port has been reduced by the government directives.
“Many projects including PCT, Bay Terminal and Matarbari deep sea port, are in progress. New equipment is being procured to increase the capacity of the port,” he added.
Chattogram port has become 64th busiest among the top 100 container ports across the world.
Earlier Chattogram seaport was ranked 70th, 71st, 76th and 87th in the four previous editions. Again, this year the port advanced three notches.
Chattogram Port is in a satisfactory position in implementing the ISPS Code. It increases the image of the country, the sources added.

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